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Session Overview
Location: Room 96
Date: Wednesday, 05/Jun/2019
Work and cancer survivors
Location: Room 96
Chair: Emma Irvin
Chair: Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen

Prognostic Factors for Return to Work and Work Disability among Colorectal Cancer Survivors; A Systematic Review

Chantal den Bakker, Johannes Anema, Anne Claire Zaman, Henrika de Vet, Linda Sharp, Eva Angenete, Marco Allaix, Rene Otten, Judith Huirne, Jaap Bonjer, Angela de Boer, Frederieke Geraldine Schaafsma

Return to Work Self-Efficacy (RTWSE) And Actual Return To Work In A Population Of Cancer Patients

Rikke Smedegaard Rosbjerg, Dorte Gilså Hansen, Robert Zachariae, Inger Højris, Merete Labriola

Oncologists’ Views On Their Role On Return To Work After Breast Cancer: Findings From A Qualitative Study

Marion Lamort-Bouché, Julien Péron, Guillaume Broc, Angélika Kochan, Clémentine Jordan, Letrilliart Laurent, Béatrice Fervers, Jean-Baptiste Fassier

Developing An Intervention in General Practice To Prevent Work Disability After Breast Cancer By Using Intervention Mapping

Marion Lamort-Bouché, Guillaume Broc, Julien Carretier, Julien Péron, Philippe Sarnin, Laurent Letrilliart, Jean-Baptiste Fassier

Cognitive Challenges at Work Output among Breast Cancer Survivors in China: A Multicentre Study

Andy SK Cheng, Yingchun Zeng, Michael Feuerstein

Work-related Medical Rehabilitation and Return to Work in Cancer Survivors – A Cluster Randomized Multicenter Trial

David Fauser, Matthias Bethge, Julian Wienert

Return to work coordination
Location: Room 96
Chair: Mette Jensen Stochkendahl
Chair: Maurizio Trippolini

The Challenging Day-To-Day Situation of Return to Work Coordinators

Ellen MacEachen, Elena Neiterman, Ekaterina McKnight, Cindy Malachowski, Meghan Crouch

Mental Health And Work Reintegration: Tapping Return-To-Work Coordinator Strategies

Ellen MacEachen, Elena Neiterman, Ekaterina McKnight, Cindy Malachowski, Meghan Crouch

Within The Ring Or Crisscross? Integration Of RTW-Services In Norway

Lisebet Skeie Skarpaas, Lise Aasen Haveraaen, Milada Cvancarova Småstuen, William S. Shaw, Randi Wågø Aas

Does Coordination Make A Difference? Time To RTW In RTW-Services In Norway

Lisebet Skeie Skarpaas, Lise Aasen Haveraaen, Milada Cvancarova Småstuen, William S. Shaw, Randi Wågø Aas

Comparing Multidisciplinary And Brief Intervention In Employees With Different Job Relations On Sick Leave Due To Low Back Pain – One Year Follow-up

Vivian Langagergaard, Claus Vinther Nielsen, Ole Kudsk Jensen, Merete Labriola, Pernille Pedersen, Vibeke Neergaard Sørensen

Date: Thursday, 06/Jun/2019
Return to work 2
Location: Room 96
Chair: Merete Labriola
Chair: Emma Irvin

Self-directing Return-to-Work: An Employees’ Perspective

Jard Smeets, Nicole Hoefsmit, Inge Houkes

Managing Stigma: Employees Returning to Work Following a Common Mental Disorder

Laurie Kirouac

Effects Of Adding a Workplace Intervention To an Inpatient Occupational Rehabilitation program: a randomized clinical trial

Martin Skagseth, Marius S. Fimland, Marit B. Rise, Roar Johnsen, Lene Aasdahl

Workplace And System-Based Interventions On Return-To-Work And Recovery For Musculoskeletal And Mental Health Conditions. Findings From Two Systematic Reviews

Kim Cullen, Emma Irvin, Ulrik Gensby, Dwayne Van Eerd, Morgane Le Pouesard, Benjamin Amick, The Workplace-based Systematic Review Team

Stakeholder involvement - income
Location: Room 96
Chair: Marie-France Coutu
Chair: Thomas Johansen

Income Changes In Occupationally Injured Workers After Workers' Compenation

Sookwon Bae, Jonguk Won

Earnings Recovery Following Permanent Impairment from a Work Injury

Emile Tompa, Cam Mustard, Qing Liao

The Impact Of Income Support Systems On Healthcare Quality And Functional Capacity In Workers With Low Back Pain: A Realist Review

Michael Di Donato, Ross Iles, Tyler Lane, Alex Collie

Benefits Of A Charter Of Partnership To Structure The Collaboration Between Researchers And Stakeholders In Work Disability Prevention: Findings From The FASTRACS Study

Sabrina Rouat, Laure Guittard, Julien Carretier, Camille Vandame, Marion Lamort-Bouché, Philippe Sarnin, Laurent Letrilliart, Jean-Baptiste Fassier

Influencing Collective Decision-Making in the Work Rehabilitation Context: An Exploration of Return-to-Work Stakeholders’ Strategies

Marie-Michelle Gouin, Manon Truchon

The Role of Unions in Influencing the Social Organization of Return to Work

Ulrik Gensby, Marie Laberge, Ellen MacEachen

Date: Friday, 07/Jun/2019
Business meeting: Business meeting of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) Scientific Committee on Work Disability Prevention & Integration (WDPI).
Location: Room 96
Chair: William Shaw
Chair: J.R. Anema
All are invited to attend
Facilitation of RTW
Location: Room 96
Chair: Ole Steen Mortensen
Chair: Tina Dalager

Return to Work Patterns Among Compensable Road Traffic Crash Survivors in Victoria, Australia

Shannon Elise Gray, Alex Collie

The Association between Work Ability and Return to Work Following a Traffic Injury: An Examination of the Mediating Role of Modified Work

Mana Rezai, Pierre Côté, Selahadin Ibrahim, Linda J. Carroll, Vicki L. Kristman, J. David Cassidy

Sick Listed Workers’ Experiences With Motivational Interviewing Administered By Caseworkers In The Return To Work Process. A Qualitative Interview Study.

Vegard Foldal, Martin Inge Standal, Lene Aadahl, Roger Hagen, Egil Fors, Roar Johnsen, Marit Solbjør

How Do Work Rehabilitation Interventions Facilitate the Return to Work after a Common Mental Disorder?

Chantal Sylvain, Marie-Jose Durand, Astrid Velasquez Sanchez, Nathalie Lessard, Pascale Maillette

Do Employers Make A Difference In Supporting Employment Of Disabled Workers? Evidence From Administrative Data From The Netherlands

Raun Van Ooijen, Pierre Koning, Joke Jansen, Cécile R. L. Boot, Sandra Brouwer

Can Fear of Disease hinder Return to Work for Sick-listed Employees?

Randi W. Aas, Lise A. Haveraaen, Randi T Tou

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