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Date: Wednesday, 05/Jun/2019
Opening session: Opening session
Location: Auditorium 100
Keynote I: Keynote I Ute Bültmann
Location: Auditorium 100
Poster Teaser I: Poster Teaser Presentation I
Poster Viewing I: Poster Viewing I

Self-reported Health Problems and Obesity Assessed with Health Risk Appraisal Predict Sickness Absence During a 12-month Follow-up: A Prospective Cohort Study in 21608 Employees from Different Industry Fields

Minna Pihlajamäki, Jukka Uitti, Heikki Arola, Jyrki Ollikainen, Mikko Korhonen, Tapio Nummi, Simo Taimela

Obtaining Person-related Information From Employees With Chronic Health Problems: A Focus Group Study

Mariska de Wit, Haije Wind, Carel T. J. Hulshof, Judith K. Sluiter, Angela G. E. M. de Boer

Better Macroeconomic Performance is Associated with Shorter Disability Duration in Canadian Workers’ Compensation Claimants

Douglas Paul Gross, Michele Crites Battié, Thomas Lo

The Construct Validity of Short-Form Functional Capacity Evaluation in Workers' Compensation Claimants

Tamseela Chughtai, Patricia Manns, Iain Muir, Douglas Paul Gross

Occupational Physicians’ Perspectives On Supporting Workers With A Chronic Disease In Strengthening Self-control: A Needs Assessment

Astrid Bosma, Cécile Boot, Frederieke Schaafsma, Han Anema

Work Disability In Australia: A Mixed Methods Study Of Prevalence, Expenditure, Support Systems and Services

Alex Collie, Ross Iles, Michael Di Donato

Determining the Reliability and Convergent Validity of a Return-to-Work Status Questionnaire

Eleanor Boyle, J David Cassidy, Pierre Côté

An International Online Work Disability Policy Course: How A University Partnership Became A Facilitator.

Åsa Tjulin, Ellen MacEachen, Robert Larsson, Philip Bigelow, Stig Vinberg, John Selander, Darcy White

Interpersonal Skills of Psychologists in Counseling Employees with Psychological Complaints; Psychometric Quality of the Facilitative Interpersonal Skills (FIS) Instrument.

Sabine J. van Thiel, Arno van Dam, Evelien P.M. Brouwers, Kim de Jong, Jac J.L. van der Klink, Margot C.W. Joosen

EHealth Interventions in workplaces Or Health Care Settings And Work-related Outcomes: A Scoping Review

Irene Øyeflaten, Thomas Johansen, Claus Vinther Nielsen, Tone Langjordet Johnsen, Torill Helene Tveito, Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen

Development of an Employer Support for Preventing Sickness Absence

Isa Moldvik, Christian Ståhl

Pregnancy And Work-related Risk Factors For Sick Leave - A Danish Cohort Study

Pernille Pedersen, Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen, Merete Labriola, Claus Vinther Nielsen, Dorte Raaby Andersen, Ellen Aagaard Nøhr, Rikke Damkjær Maimburg

A Framework For Comprehensive Risk Analysis Approaches, Interpretation, And Use In Occupational Safety And Health

Paul A. Schulte, Thomas J. Lentz, Sudha P. Pandalai, John E. Snawder

Preventive Initiatives Among Violinists to Change Their Workload Demands: A Phd Protocol

Stephanie Mann, Helene Martina Paarup, Lotte Nygaard Andersen, Lars Brandt, Karen Søgaard

Inclusive Working Life in Norway, a Qualitative Study of Employers’ Experiences with Employing People with Diverse Background.

Irene Øyeflaten, Tonje Fyhn, Torill Helene Tveito

Factors Related To Stay At Work Among Employees with Common Mental Health Problems: A Systematic Review

Suzanne van Hees, Bouwine Carlier, Shirley Oomens, Roland Blonk

Tailoring The Participatory Approach To The Needs, Wishes And Abilities Of Workers With A Low Socioeconomic Position

Rosanne Schaap, Frederieke Schaafsma, Maaike Huijsmans, Cécile Boot, Han Anema

Experiences With Individual Placement And Support And Employment – A Qualitative Study Among Participants And Employment Specialists

Miljana Vukadin, Frederieke G. Schaafsma, Harry W.C. Michon, Johannes R. Anema

Cost-Effectiveness of a Decision Aid about Disclosure of Mental Health Problems for Job Seekers.

Kim Janssens, Jaap van Weeghel, Claire Henderson, Margot Joosen, Evelien Brouwers

Prevalence Of Interfering Musculoskeletal Complaints In Sonographers And Association With Personal, Work-related And Psychosocial Factors

Yanfei Xie, Brooke Coombes, Lucy Thomas, Christopher Edwards, Venerina Johnston

Attitudes to Including Employees with Minority Background, Mental Illness or Physical Disabilities

Tonje Fyhn

The Effectiveness of Workplace Health Promotion Interventions to Prevent Chronic Diseases – a Systematic Meta-review

Sandra H van Oostrom, Karin I Proper, Jaana Lindström

Education and working life
Location: Auditorium 100
Chair: Karen Søgaard
Chair: Michiel Greidanus

Isolating Geolminthiasis Infection In School Aged-Children Who Work In Artisanal Mining In North - Kivu, DRC

Kabemba Lukusa Jean Paul

Once In NEET, Always In NEET? The School-To-Work Patterns Of Young Adults From A Life Course Perspective

Karin Veldman, Sander Riemer Kurt van Zon, Ute Bültmann

Youth Outside the Labour Force

Chris Jensen, Solveig Osborg Ose

Does Labour Market Participation Among Parents Affect Self-rated Health Of Their Children? A Study Of 11,267 Adolescents And Their Parents

Louise Lindholdt, Thomas Lund, Johan Hviid Andersen, Merete Labriola

Interventions Targeting Sickness Absence Among Pregnant Women In Health Care Settings And Workplaces - A Systematic Review

Pernille Pedersen, Merete Labriola, Claus Vinther Nielsen, Rikke Damkjær Maimburg, Ellen Aagaard Nohr, Anne-Mette Hedeager Momsen

Work-Focused Interventions That Promote The Labor Market Transition Of Young Adults with Chronic Disabling Health Conditions: A Systematic Review

Arif Jetha, Robert Shaw, Adrienne Sinden, Quenby Mahood, Monique Gignac, Mary Ann McColl, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis

Measures in WDP
Location: Room 99
Chair: Jan Hartvigsen
Chair: Femke Abma

Social Insurance Literacy: What Is It, And Can It Be Measured?

Christian Ståhl, Elin Karlsson, Jan Sandqvist

Psychometric Properties of the Work Disability Diagnostic Interview (WoDDI) Used With Workers Having a Musculoskeletal or Common Mental Disorder

Marie-José Durand, Marie-France Coutu

Pilot review shows need for a Core Outcome Set for Work Participation (COS-WP)

Margarita Ravinskaya, Cecilia A.C. Prinsen, Carel Hulshof, Jos H. Verbeek, Regina Kunz, Miranda Langendam, Jan L. Hoving

Intensity Of Occupational Physical Activity - Do Self-Reported Rating And Technical Measures Agree?

Mette Korshøj, Nidhi Gupta, Ole Steen Mortensen, Andreas Holtermann

Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Chinese version of Work Rehabilitation Questionnaire (C-WORQ)

Yanwen Xu, Xunwen Lo, Xiaomin Liu, Ru Huang

Validation of the Work Assessment Triage Tool for Selecting Rehabilitation Interventions for Injured Workers

Douglas P. Gross, Ivan A. Steenstra, William S. Shaw, Parnian Yousefi, Colin Bellinger, Osmar R. Zaïane

Mental health and workplace perspectives
Location: Room 95
Chair: Dwayne Van Eerd
Chair: Emil Sundstrup

Workplace Practices and Policies to Support Workers with Depression: Evidence from Workplace Parties.

Dwayne Van Eerd, Kim Cullen, Emma Irvin, Morgane Le Pouésard, Judy Geary, Anita Dubay

Factors Influencing Worker Disclosure of Mental Illness to Managers

Carolyn S Dewa, Jaap Van Weeghel, Margot C.W. Joosen, Petra C. Gronholm, Evelien P.M. Brouwers

Employees’ Knowledge, Attitudes And Intended Behavior Regarding Coworkers With Mental Health Problems

Evelien P.M. Brouwers, Gaia Sampogna, Claire Henderson, Carolyn Dewa, Jaap Van Weeghel

Supervisors’ Knowledge, Attitude And Experiences Of Mental Health Problems In The Workplace

Margot Joosen, Marjolein Lugtenberg, Carolyn Dewa, Jaap van Weeghel, Evelien Brouwers

Line Managers’ Attitudes towards and Willingness to Hire People with Mental Health Problems.

Kim Janssens, Margot Joosen, Jaap van Weeghel, Carolyn Dewa, Claire Henderson, Evelien Brouwers

Challenges In Accommodating Mental And Physical Health Conditions: What Workplace Parties Are Saying.

Monique A.M. Gignac, Julie Bowring, Curtis Breslin, Arif Jetha, Dwayne Van Eerd, Emma Irvin, Renee-Louise Franche, Peter Smith, Emile Tompa, William Shaw, Dorcas Beaton, Ron Saunders

Work and cancer survivors
Location: Room 96
Chair: Emma Irvin
Chair: Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen

Prognostic Factors for Return to Work and Work Disability among Colorectal Cancer Survivors; A Systematic Review

Chantal den Bakker, Johannes Anema, Anne Claire Zaman, Henrika de Vet, Linda Sharp, Eva Angenete, Marco Allaix, Rene Otten, Judith Huirne, Jaap Bonjer, Angela de Boer, Frederieke Geraldine Schaafsma

Return to Work Self-Efficacy (RTWSE) And Actual Return To Work In A Population Of Cancer Patients

Rikke Smedegaard Rosbjerg, Dorte Gilså Hansen, Robert Zachariae, Inger Højris, Merete Labriola

Oncologists’ Views On Their Role On Return To Work After Breast Cancer: Findings From A Qualitative Study

Marion Lamort-Bouché, Julien Péron, Guillaume Broc, Angélika Kochan, Clémentine Jordan, Letrilliart Laurent, Béatrice Fervers, Jean-Baptiste Fassier

Developing An Intervention in General Practice To Prevent Work Disability After Breast Cancer By Using Intervention Mapping

Marion Lamort-Bouché, Guillaume Broc, Julien Carretier, Julien Péron, Philippe Sarnin, Laurent Letrilliart, Jean-Baptiste Fassier

Cognitive Challenges at Work Output among Breast Cancer Survivors in China: A Multicentre Study

Andy SK Cheng, Yingchun Zeng, Michael Feuerstein

Work-related Medical Rehabilitation and Return to Work in Cancer Survivors – A Cluster Randomized Multicenter Trial

David Fauser, Matthias Bethge, Julian Wienert

Work and lifestyle factors
Location: Room 97
Chair: Douglas Paul Gross
Chair: Eva Ladekjær Larsen

Current Practices And Perceived Implementation Barriers For Working With Alcohol Prevention In Occupational Health Services: The WIRUS OHS Study

Mikkel Magnus Thørrisen, Jens Christoffer Skogen, Ingvild Kjeken, Irene Jensen, Randi Wågø Aas

Is Alcohol Consumption Among Employees A Risk Factor For Presenteeism? A Systematic Review

Mikkel Magnus Thørrisen, Tore Bonsaksen, Neda S. Hashemi, Ingvild Kjeken, Randi Wågø Aas

How Much or How Often? Alcohol Consumption, Sickness Presenteeism, and impaired Daily Activities

Randi W. Aas, Mikkel M. Thørrisen, Hildegunn Sagvaag, Aleksandra Servic

Employee Perspectives Of A Workplace Health Programme

Charlotte Brøgger Bond, Karen Søgaard, Lotte Nygaard Andersen

Does It Work? Introducing Work Focus Into a Lifestyle Intervention for Persons With Morbid Obesity

Wivi Andersen, Anita Dyb Linge, Chris Jensen

The Relationship between Occupational Physical Activity and Need for Recovery: A cross sectional analysis from the DPhacto cohort

Matthew Leigh Stevens, Patrick J Crowley, David M Hallman, Ole S Mortensen, Clas-Håkan Nygård, Andreas Holtermann

Poster Viewing II: Poster Viewing II

Obesity at the Coal Face

Carole James, Penny Chapman, Jane Rich

Physical Work Demands and Sickness Absence: Protocol for a Prospective Study Merging and Analysing Comprehensive Technical Measurements of Physical Activity at Work and Detailed Prospective Register Data on Sickness Absence

Sofie Dencker-Larsen, Charlotte Lund Rasmussen, Sannie Vester Thorsen, Els Clays, Thomas Lund, Merete Labriola, Ole Steen Mortensen, Marie Birk Jørgensen, Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen, Andreas Holtermann

An Online Tool to Help General Practitioners to Contact Occupational Physicians – Results of a Pilot Study

Sandra H van Oostrom, Tessa Schurink, Karin I Proper

A Descriptive Study of Public Safety Personnel Undergoing Treatment for Work-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries

Douglas P. Gross, Theodore Berry, Ian Blanchard, Suzette Brémault-Phillips, Cary Brown, Bruce Dick, Charl Els, Tanya Jackson, Manuela Joannou, Chris McIntosh, Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan, Sebastian Straube, Don C. Voaklander, Shelby Yamamoto

Workplace Practices and Essential Activities Recommended in Literature for Preventing Prolonged Disability in Workers with Musculoskeletal Disorders

Iuliana Nastasia, Marie-José Durand, Marie-France Coutu

Beyond Medical Treatment After Minor Motor Vehicle Crash Injury: Perceptions Of Insurance Company Case Managers

Maurizio Trippolini, Amanda E. Young, Glenn Pransky, Keri Lockwood, Nieke A. Elbers, Ian D. Cameron

Practices of Occupational Health and Safety in Developing Countries

Philibert Ramaroson, Guilherme Schuck Candemil, Isman Wais Sigad, Shabab A Mahfuz

Developing Basic Employment Skills by Using Mobile Technologies Early in the Worklife Course

Marie Laberge, Tondoux Aurélie, Girard Marie-Michèle, Camiré Tremblay Fanny

The Role of Human Values and Relations in the Employment of People with Work-Relevant Disabilities

Lieke Kuiper, Minne Bakker, Jac Van Der Klink

Chronicles Of Workplace Health Self-Management.

Sally Elizabeth Hemming

Fostering Autonomy and Relationships: Mental Health Professionals and Work Reintegration

Fergal O'Hagan, Kara Rutherford, Keeley Moloney

Improving the Early Prevention of Work Disability through a Better Legal Protection of the Impaired Workers

Aude Cefaliello

Developing An Integrated Organizational Intervention For Subcontractors In The Construction Industry: Findings From A Pilot Study

Susan E. Peters, Hao Trieu, Justin Manjourides, Nick Green, Jack T. Dennerlein

Workers on Prolonged Work Disability for Musculoskeletal Disorders do not worry for nothing

Marie-France Coutu, Marie-José Durand, Fergal O'Hagan, Patrick Gosselin, Iuliana Nastasia, Djamal Berbiche, Marie-Élise Labrecque, Sara Pettigrew

Music Cohort: Canadian Trial of Protocol to Assess Musicians' Health

Christine Guptill, Julius Bruder, Christoff Zalpour

Negative Perceptions And Attitudes About Return To Work In Sick-listed Unemployed Workers With Psychological Problems

Yvonne Brenda Suijkerbuijk, Karen Nieuwenhuijsen

Developing a Framework for the Evaluation of the Implementation Process of an Ergonomic Intervention: What Dimensions Should Be Considered?

Émilie Desjardins, Hélène Sultan-Taïeb, France St-Hilaire, Nicole Vézina, Élise Ledoux, Patricia Bélanger

The Return To Work Assistance Of Occupational Musculoskeletal Injury Workers And Its Perspective In Taiwan

Chung-Li Du

Work Disability Due to Ocular Diseases in the Working Population of the Private Sector in Brazi

Eduardo Costa Sá, João Silvestre Silva-Junior, Diego Toniolo Prado, Maria José Gimenes, Daniel Romero Muñoz

Better Together – Effect of a Tailored Group Intervention to Improve Return to Work in Sick-listed Employees

Torill Helene Tveito, Tonje Fyhn, Nils Fleten


Test Bruger

A Realist Evaluation Of A Multidisciplinary Intervention To Support Return To Work In Sick-listed Employees With Cancer

Hanneke van der Meide, Margot C.W. Joosen, Martine P. van Egmond, G. Lennart van der Zwaan, Anna Geraedts, Willem van Rhenen, Roland Blonk

Keynote II: Keynote II Maria Melchior
Location: Auditorium 100
Speakers Corner: Speakers Corner
Location: Auditorium 100
Concurrent Session II: Concurrent Session II
Design and development
Location: Auditorium 100
Chair: Karen Nieuwenhuijsen
Chair: Silje Maeland

Preferences Of Professionals In The design Of A Decision Support Tool For Prognosis Of Work Ability In Individuals With A Work Disability Benefit: Results Of A Focus Group Study

Ilse Louwerse, Maaike Huysmans, Jolanda van Rijssen, Joyce Overvliet, Allard van der Beek, Han Anema

Systematic Review Evidence In One Minute Or Less

Emma Irvin, Uyen Vu, Kristina Buccat, Cindy Moser, Kim Cullen, Dwayne Van Eerd

Work Ability Following a Traffic Injury--A Multidimensional Measurement Model

Mana Rezai, Pierre Côté, Selahadin Ibrahim, J. David Cassidy, Linda J. Carroll, Vicki L. Kristman

A Participatory Ergonomic Interventon For Reducing Physical Exertion And Musculoskeletal Pain Among Childcare Workers. A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen, Malene Jagd Svendsen, Andreas Holtermann

Enhancing Return-To-Work Among Partially Work Disabled Workers: Development Of A Triage Instrument And Decision Aid For Labour Experts.

Christa J.C. De Geus, Maaike A. Huysmans, H. Jolanda van Rijssen, Johannes R. Anema

Good Working Body - Development Of An eHealth System For Repeated Measures Of Musculoskeletal Pain In Workplace Context

Malene Jagd Svendsen, Andreas Holtermann, Charlotte Diana Nørregaard Rasmussen

Early work life
Location: Room 99
Chair: Ute Bültmann
Chair: Louise Lindholdt

Educational Differences in Duration of Working Life and Loss of Paid Employment: Working Life Expectancy in the Netherlands

Suzan Robroek, Daan Nieboer, Alex Burdorf

Sound Performers Canada: Impact of a Blended Learning Course for Occupational Resilience and Health Literacy in Pre-Professional Musicians

Christine Guptill, Peter Visentin, Suzanne Wijsman, Bronwen Ackermann, Mary Roduta-Roberts, Teri Slade

Effective Interventions For Physical Health Complaints In Nursing Students And Novice Nurses: A Systematic Review

Jos Kox, Ellen Bakker, Sita Bierma-Zeinstra, Jos Runhaar, Harald Miedema, Pepijn Roelofs

Preventing Drop-out of Nursing Students and New Graduates: First Findings from a Bottom-up Approach.

Pepijn D.D.M. Roelofs, Jos H.A.M. Kox, Ellen J.M. Bakker, Jos Runhaar, Cécile R.L. Boot, Sita M.A. Bierma-Zeinstra, Anneke L. Francke, Allard J. van der Beek, Harald S. Miedema

Interventions Improving Mental Health Of Student and Novice Nurses To Prevent Drop-out: A Systematic Review

Ellen Bakker, Jos Kox, Cécile Boot, Anneke Francke, Allard van der Beek, Pepijn Roelofs

Prevention and sustainable employment
Location: Room 97
Chair: Thomas Lund
Chair: Alex Collie

Job-rotation as a Tool to maintain Employability: The Interplay between Motivation, Qualification and Health

Susanne Bartel

Long-term Effects On Work Disability Of An Indicated Preventive Strategy Aimed At Preventing Future Long-term Sickness Absence

Sophie Heloïse Klasen, Ludovic G.P.M. van Amelsvoort, Nicole W.H. Jansen, IJmert Kant

Barriers And Facilitators Of A Preventive Strategy To Prevent Future Long-term Sickness Absence And Work Disability. A Qualitative Study Among Employees And Employers.

Sophie H. Klasen, Ludovic G.P.M. van Amelsvoort, Inge Houkes, Nicole W.H. Jansen, IJmert Kant

Employees With Long-term Health Conditions - A Diary Study Of Workplace Self-management Behaviour, Support Needs And Work Factors.

Sally Elizabeth Hemming

Working With Disabilities – A Matter Of Time? First Results From The PROMI Project

Jana Felicitas Bauer, Susanne Groth, Mathilde Niehaus

The Effectiveness Of Interventions To Promote Sustainable Employability: A Systematic Review

Emmelie Hazelzet, Eleonora Picco, Inge Houkes, Hans Bosma, Angelique de Rijk

Return to work coordination
Location: Room 96
Chair: Mette Jensen Stochkendahl
Chair: Maurizio Trippolini

The Challenging Day-To-Day Situation of Return to Work Coordinators

Ellen MacEachen, Elena Neiterman, Ekaterina McKnight, Cindy Malachowski, Meghan Crouch

Mental Health And Work Reintegration: Tapping Return-To-Work Coordinator Strategies

Ellen MacEachen, Elena Neiterman, Ekaterina McKnight, Cindy Malachowski, Meghan Crouch

Within The Ring Or Crisscross? Integration Of RTW-Services In Norway

Lisebet Skeie Skarpaas, Lise Aasen Haveraaen, Milada Cvancarova Småstuen, William S. Shaw, Randi Wågø Aas

Does Coordination Make A Difference? Time To RTW In RTW-Services In Norway

Lisebet Skeie Skarpaas, Lise Aasen Haveraaen, Milada Cvancarova Småstuen, William S. Shaw, Randi Wågø Aas

Comparing Multidisciplinary And Brief Intervention In Employees With Different Job Relations On Sick Leave Due To Low Back Pain – One Year Follow-up

Vivian Langagergaard, Claus Vinther Nielsen, Ole Kudsk Jensen, Merete Labriola, Pernille Pedersen, Vibeke Neergaard Sørensen

Special occupations and gender issues
Location: Room 95
Chair: William Shaw
Chair: Rikke Smedegaard Rosbjerg

Surgery is Physically Demanding and Associated with Multi-site Musculoskeletal Pain: a Cross-sectional Study

Tina Dalager, Karen Søgaard, Eleanor Boyle, Pernille Tine Jensen, Ole Mogensen

Standing Dentistry: An Old Practice That Needs Revival? A Scoping Review

Sara L Saunders, Marie-Lyne Grenier, Jill T Boruff

Social Stigma as a Barrier for Sustainable Employability of Employees with Mental Health or Substance Abuse Problems: A Focus Group Study in the Dutch Military.

Rebecca Bogaers, Elbert Geuze, Fenna Leijten, Piia Varis, Jaap van Weeghel, Dike van de Mheen, Andrea Rozema, Evelien Brouwers

The Impact Of Arm Position On Musculoskeletal Trouble In The Neck And Upper Extremities In Symphony Orchestra Musicians

Nina Baun Jeppesen, Helene Martina Paarup, Karen Søgaard, Lotte Nygaard Andersen, Louise Fleng Sandal

Gender Differences In Return To Work Interventions Offered To Employees On Long-term Sick Leave?

Inger Haukenes, Silje Maeland, Irene Øyeflaten

Women´s Experiences Of The Situation Of Being In The Sick Leave Process

Christina Andersson, Lena Mårtensson


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