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Session Overview
S158: Professionalization, Research and Training in Agriculture: Actors and Institutions in the 19th and 20th centuries
Friday, 20/Jun/2025

Session Chair: Zsuzsanna Varga;
Session Chair: Javier Calatrava Requena;
Session Chair: Zsuzsanna Kiss;

Session Abstract

The aim of this panel is to provide opportunity for comparative investigation of the professionalization histories of agronomists in various societies, regions, countries. Since professionalization in most European countries went hand in hand with, and was closely linked to, the Institutionalized appearance of research stations, experimental farms and schools of agriculture we propose to investigate these fields in their natural interrelated context.

The session would admit papers related to the origin and evolution of agricultural research, knowledge transfer and extension systems and policies, aimed at generating and disseminating both technological and institutional innovations, and to induce the corresponding changes in the agricultural sector and in rural areas. These areas served as a background for the process of professionalization of the agrarian sphere, i.e to the remarkable changes through which the group of agronomist became more organized, gained sharper self-awareness, and its members became more educated and more specialized in various fields of agriculture, all that deserve appropriately to be labelled as professionalization

We do not intend pursuing theoretical debates; the aim of the panel is rather to disclose the manifold experiences of changes in the educational, training and research system, as well as the occupational world of agricultural sphere in various times and spaces.

The organizers invite papers from any country or region, focussing on the period between the long 19th and the 20th century; the aim is to reveal common trends and/or differences throughout the professionalization processes of agronomists, and to study cases of generation and adoption of specific innovations in the agriculture. The session will also be able to address studies on the evolution of research-development systems of transnational or international nature.

No contributions were assigned to this session.

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