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Session Overview
S151: Natural Capital and Rural Spaces: New Valorization Techniques and Opportunities for Rural Areas
Friday, 20/Jun/2025

Session Chair: Maria L. Loureiro;

Session Abstract

Governments and policy-makers are increasingly expressing interest in incorporating natural capital and ecosystem services into their decision-making processes, in order to more comprehensively account for the costs and benefits of different planning strategies and options. Agricultural ecosystems provide food, bioenergy and pharmaceuticals and are essential to human wellbeing. Preliminary assessments indicate that the value of these ecosystem services to agriculture is enormous and often undereported. Agroecosystems also produce a variety of ecosystem services, such as regulation of soil and water quality, carbon sequestration, support for biodiversity and cultural services (Power, 2010).

This parallel session aims at collecting evidence via various case studies to show the relevance of incorporating the importance of the various ecosystem services provided by rural areas as to fully understand their main contribution to the whole economy and overall human well-being. In this sense, in addition to the productive ecosystem services traditionally considered in agriculture(mainly crops and bioenergy), supporting and cultural services (such as eco-tourims and cultural landscape values) will be fully explored. New valuation techniques will be presented as to higlight the plurality and heterogeneity of different rural spaces. Based upon these results, planning options may be disccused to make the future of rural areas more sustainable.

No contributions were assigned to this session.

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