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Session Overview
S141: Foreign investments, technoscientific transfers and agricultural transitions in the modern world-economy
Friday, 20/Jun/2025

Session Chair: Niccolò Mignemi;
Session Chair: Albin baptiste Mabicka mabicka;

Session Abstract

In the modern world-economy, foreign capital investments and technoscientific transfers are crucial issues to understand the interconnections between regions with different levels of agricultural development. During the 19th and 20th century, the economic and technological power of the Northern countries imposed the colonial and neo-colonial domination. At the same time, foreign investments and imported inputs were presented as opportunities for latecomers and developing countries, promoting local development and filling the technological gap.

Dependency theory, centre-periphery models, global commodity chain analyses and researches on the Americanisation of the modern world have shown how these mechanisms were crucial to maintain an international economic and political order. But this macro-perspective should be questioned through smaller levels of the analysis, looking at the different ways of the transfers (foreign investments, trades, research projects, aids, etc.) and the heterogeneity of the actors involved in the process (States, farmers, NGOs, multinational firms, etc.).

The first goal of this session is to examine the effects of the foreign transfers looking at the local dynamics. The second goal is to observe how the international economic and technological transfers orient the path of the agricultural transition in the receiving countries. The third goal is to analyse the role of the international organisations and arenas in regulating these transfers through the definition of norms and common standards.

No contributions were assigned to this session.

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