Conference Agenda

Workshop 1 (online): Use of the Social Hotspot DataBase (SHDB)
Tuesday, 06/Sept/2022:
11:15am - 12:45pm

Session Chair: Monique Bennema
Session Chair: Beatrice Bortolozzo

Using the Social Hotspot DataBase (SHDB) to conduct a Social LCA in general (product level), Social Organizational LCA’s (SOLCA) and a S-LCA on an industry level

Session Abstract

Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) provides a systemic approach to identifying social impacts on various stakeholder groups caused by companies involved in the value chains of products or services. After a short general introduction to S-LCA, the Social Hotspot Database will be described. Participants will get access to the web-based SHDB tools during the workshop. And learn how to model their product or corporate supply chain, identify hotspots, and calculate a social footprint. S-LCAs are often applied at the product level, but there are multiple benefits to starting studies at the company or industry level. During the workshop, we will discuss how you can conduct these S-LCAs using the SHDB. Some examples will be included.

The course will use the Social Hotspots Database Risk Mapping tool and the Social Hotspots Database License in Sima Pro.

Upon successful workshop completion, you will be able to:

• Measure product-specific and company-wide social footprints and identify social hotspots for products and companies.

• Understand how you can conduct S-LCAs on a product/service level, company, and industry level using the SHDB.

• Understand the data sources and risk assessment methods used in the Social Hotspot Database.

• Reflect on current limitations, strengths, weaknesses, barriers, and opportunities associated with using the SHDB for an S-LCA.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone interested in using the SHDB to conduct an S-LCA and provide you with a first assessment of the potential social footprints and hotspots (managers, professors, researchers, students. etc.). S-LCA and the SHDB can be used to assess social footprints and hotspots on a product level but also a company level (SOLCA) and industry level.

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