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Session Overview
Session 2.2: Levels: Challenges and opportunities in the informal sector
Monday, 05/Sept/2022:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Sonia Valdivia
Location: Domblick

50 seats

Session Abstract

Small and medium size enterprises worldwide with a large share of micro enterprises are fundamental for all economies worldwide.

In the emerging and developing economies micro enterprises are often not constituted as legal entity which qualifies them as informal activities. Informal workers often earn the minimum to subsist or even below the living wage. Waste management, micro-scale mining and the agricultural sectors outstand with large portions of self-employed informal workers. On the other hand, a huge number of jobs are created, on the other hand severe social impacts arise such as unsafe, healthy and unequitable conditions, violation of children or indigenous rights, and their exclusion from formal value chains.

Moreover, opportunities exist for their inclusion in sectoral circular economy programs that aim to promote reuse, repair, refurbishing, remanufacturing, repurposing and recycling.

This session aims to introduce cases of micro-enterprises or informal activities and discuss the social aspects along the life cycle of products concerned as well as their inclusion and contribution to improving the circularity (e.g. in cities).


Stakeholder inclusion in developing an SDG-based indicator set for Solid Waste Management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Kristina Henzler1, Carla Scagnetti1, Manuel Lorenz1, Martin Oteng-Ababio2

1University of Stuttgart, Institute for Acoustics and Building Physics (IABP), Department Life Cycle Engineering (GaBi), Germany; 2University of Ghana, Department of Geography and Resource Development, Ghana

Planning for Circular Economy in Developing Countries: Electric Vehicles and Waste Recycling in India

Vivek Anand Asokan1, Heng Yi Teah2, Yasuhiko Hotta1

1Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan; 2Waseda University

Assessing social sustainability impacts of artisanal cobalt mining in Democratic Republic of Congo using QALY methodology

Anni Sofia Orola

LUT University, Finland

Thinking otherwise: Sustainability Performance by Integrating Existing Buildings in Smart Cities - Best Practice

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz

Bianca Weber-Lewerenz Engineering and Excellence Initiative for Sustainable, Human-led AI in Construction, Germany

Social Hotspots in Latin American Electronics Value Chain Actors

Sonia Valdivia

WRFA, Switzerland