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Session Overview
Barcamp (On-site): Does S-LCA adequately address racism?
Tuesday, 06/Sept/2022:
3:45pm - 5:15pm

Session Chair: Lindsey Roche
Location: Rathausblick

30 seats

Session Abstract

Racism does not currently have a high profile in Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) methodology. Under the theme “Leave No One Behind,” it seems apt to further explore how S-LCA can more comprehensively address racism beyond the worker stakeholder. S-LCA addresses some aspects related to racism through the subcategory equal opportunities/discrimination for the stakeholder group worker. However, racism can occur at any step in the supply chain and to a variety of stakeholders including the local community and consumer. There are cases of racism across sectors ranging from resource extraction, fast fashion production, to bias in medical practice. This session is proposed as a barcamp to host a conversation and gather input from the S-LCA community on this topic. A short presentation is planned for the beginning of the session to introduce the current state of addressing racism issues with S-LCA methodology and to expand upon and propose indicators in other stakeholder groups where racism might play a role, such as with respect of indigenous rights and safe and healthy living conditions in the local community. Following the presentation, the session chairs will open the discussion to all participants in the barcamp session with two to three stations.

The barcamp session will aim to answer the following questions:

(1) Is racism adequately addressed in S-LCA methodology?

(2) Is there a gap in the methodology related to racism? And if so, what are some approaches to fill this gap?

No contributions were assigned to this session.

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