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Session Overview
Session 2.1: Methodology: Hierarchy of social impacts
Monday, 05/Sept/2022:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Catherine Macombe
Location: Plenary hall

150 seats

Session Abstract

Social Life Cycle Analysis (S-LCA) has been developed in stages over the past decade. Researchers and consultants have made progress : on the description of the social life cycle, on the scope of the study to be taken into account, on the nature of the performances or impacts to be assessed, on the way to assign a value to them and to interpret the results, and even on the theoretical roots. However, in order to improve the interest of S-LCA for decision-makers, it seems important to progress in terms of prioritisation of social impacts. The topic of this session is precisely about the methods and practices for doing a hierarchy of impacts that matter. Which impacts matter? The ones that are very strong, the ones that people are concerned about, the ones that can be identified a priori as worrying, or something else? Can we prioritise in a more or less generic way, or should we instead propose a hierarchy for each case? Will the resulting hierarchy guide us in selecting which impacts to be assessed, in investigating the mechanisms of certain impacts, or only in interpreting the results? To establish the hierarchy, should we resort to interviews with the people concerned, should we construct scenarios, should we use more systematic reading grids, are there other approaches? These are some of the questions that will be discussed in this session, which aims to provide an overview of the possibilities.

We call for reflections and testimonies, in the framework of both Type I and Type II social LCA, on how to establish a hierarchy of social impacts, and/or how to use this hierarchy. If there is sufficient interest in the topic of impact prioritisation, we propose to produce a collective paper for a joint publication after the session.

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Social performance of companies from the BEL20-index

Valerie Cappuyns

KU Leuven, Belgium

Prioritizing the systemic impacts of a crisis situation: example of the difficulties of the french pork value-chain.

Romy Lynn Chaib, Catherine Macombe, Rallou Thomopoulos

INRAE, France

Legitimating the choice of impact categories in S-LCA through participatory approaches: An application to three mobility scenarios

Ghada Bouillass1,2, Isabelle Blanc2, Paula Pérez-López2

1Laboratoire Génie Industriel, CentraleSupélec, Unviersité Paris Saclay, France; 2Centre Observation, Impacts, Energie, MINES ParisTech, Université PSL, France

Pathos, ethos and logos to hierarchize impacts.

Catherine Macombe

INRAE, France

Prioritising impacts in Type II social LCA for progress contracts

Anaïs Falk1, Catherine Macombe2, Denis Loeillet3

1Vitropic, France; 2INRAE, France; 3CIRAD, France

Hierarchy of social impacts: towards a consolidated method for a representative social impact prioritization

Jérémie Lehmann1,2, Rhoda Fofack-Garcia1, Paula Pérez-López2

1Frances Energies Marines; 2MINES Paris - PSL

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