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Session Overview
Date: Wednesday, 20/Mar/2019
MULTI1: Multi-Omics 1
Location: HS 14
Chair: Justin O'Grady, Quadram Insitute Bioscience, United Kingdom

The End of Medicine as we know it.

Harald H.H.W. Schmidt

Department of Pharmacology and Personalised Medicine, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Precision Medicine beyond Cancer: Why We Need New Multi-Omics Driven Definitions for Health & Disease

Thomas Wilckens

InnVentis Ltd, Germany

Circulating miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers

Tim Kacprowski

Technical University of Munich, Germany

MIQE&QC: MIQE Guidelines & Standardisation & Quality Control
Location: HS 15
Chair: Andreas Untergasser, Heidelberg University, Germany

Quality Standards in quantitative PCR; Specification, Validation, Controls and Standards

Peter Rossmanith

Vetmeduni Vienna, Austria

Directed Evolution of Enzymes for Streamlined and Reliable RT-qPCR and NGS Workflows

David Mark Schuster

Quantabio, United States of America

Multiplex Mediator Probe Real-Time PCR: Optimisation and Guideline Development through Systematic Characterisation of Label Free Mediator Probes and Fluorogenic Universal Reporters

Michael Lehnert1,2, Elena Kipf1, Franziska Schlenker1, Roland Zengerle1,2, Nadine Borst1,2, Felix von Stetten1,2

1: Hahn-Schickard, Freiburg, Germany; 2: Laboratory for MEMS Applications, Department of Microsystems Engineering - IMTEK, University of Freiburg, Germany

MULTI2: Multi-Omics 2
Location: HS 14
Chair: Michael W Pfaffl, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Systems Medicine - or - What I learned about Arnold Schwarzenegger while studying breast cancer survival.

Jan Baumbach

Technical University of Munich, Germany

From Next Generation Sequencing to Next Generation Biomarkers: How Adaptive Focused Acoustics® is Transforming High-throughput Biology and Multi-omics Analyses

Nicolas Autret

Covaris, United Kingdom

Finding Signatures, Fingerprints and Prognostic Biomarkers in Large Biomedical Datasets: Computational and visual Approaches.

Andrej-Nikolai Spiess

UKE Hamburg, Germany

qPCR-DA1: qPCR Data Analysis 1
Location: HS 15
Chair: Stefan Rödiger, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus - Senftenberg, Germany

GeneGini: Assessment via the Gini Coefficient of Reference "Housekeeping" Genes and Diverse Human Transporter Expression Profiles.

Philip Day1, Stephen O'Hagan1, Marina Wright Muelas1, Emma Lundberg2, Douglas Kell1

1: University of Manchester, United Kingdom; 2: KTH Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

GenEx – The Ultimate Software for Analysis of Transcriptomic Data.

Amin Forootan1, Björn Sjögreen1, Mikael Kubista2

1: Multid Analyses AB, Sweden; 2: TATAA Biocenter, Sweden

Why reporting Cq or delta-Cq is senseless.

Jan M Ruijter

Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Netherlands, The

PO3: Wednesday Lunch Poster Session
Location: Lower Level
All posters will be displayed in parallel at all three poster sessions PO1, PO2 & PO3 => the poster viewing can be done from "Monday Evening Main Poster Session" till "Wednesday Lunch Poster Session"
LU3: Lunch Wednesday
Location: Mensa
AMDx2: Advanced Molecular Diagnostics 2
Location: HS 14
Chair: John Mackay, dnature Diagnostics & Research Ltd, New Zealand

“Saving The Bees Is Burning Down The House” - Triplex qPCR Using Dual-Target Assays For The Highly Pathogenic Bacteria American Foulbrood, Using Novel eDNA Methods.

John Mackay, Tammy Waters

dnature diagnostics & research Ltd, Gisborne, New Zealand

A Portable, Accurate, and Cost-Effective Strategy for Rapid On-Site Authentication and Characterization of Commercially Important Species and Pathogens Using Bio Molecular Systems’ MIC qPCR Cycler

Jesus Aquiles Sanchez, Lawrence Wangh

Thermagenix, Inc, Natick, Massachusetts, United States of America

Development Of An Event-Specific qPCR Method For Detection Of Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Patrick Guertler1, Lutz Grohmann2, Heike Naumann3, Melanie Pavlovic1, Ulrich Busch1

1: Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority, Germany; 2: Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany; 3: Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany

MyPOLS Biotec: Shaping DNA Polymerases For Your Needs

Moritz Welter1,2, Andreas Marx2, Ramon Kranaster1

1: myPOLS Biotec GmbH, Technologiezentrum Konstanz, Blarerstraße 56, 78462 Konstanz, Germany; 2: Chair of Organic Chemistry / Cellular Chemistry, University of Konstanz, Universitätsstraße 10, 78457 Konstanz, Germany

qPCR-DA2: qPCR Data Analysis 2
Location: HS 15
Chair: Jan M Ruijter, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Integration of DNA Melting Curve Analysis In qPCR Data Analysis

Maurice J.B. van den Hoff1, Quinn D. Gunst1, Adrian Ruiz-Villalba2, Carl Wittwer3, Jan M. Ruijter1

1: Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, Depart. Medical Biology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2: Foundation of Applied Medical Research, University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain; 3: University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Department of Pathology, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Fundamentals for the Automatic Classification of Quantitative PCR AmplificationCurves - A Biostatistical Approach

Stefan Rödiger1, Andrej-Nikolai Spiess2, Michał Burdukiewicz3

1: Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus - Senftenberg, Germany; 2: University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany; 3: Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

GEAR: The Genome Analysis Server Eases Wet-Lab Data Analysis

Tobias Rausch1, Markus Hsi-Yang Fritz2, Vladimir Benes1, Andreas Untergasser1,3

1: European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Genomics Core Facility, Heidelberg, Germany; 2: European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Genome Biology Unit, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany; 3: Heidelberg University, Germany

DAILYqpcr – An Application For Revolutionizing Designing, Storing, And Analyzing QPCR Experiments

Stephan Pabinger, Anna Majewski, Manuela Hofner, Walter Pulverer, Priska Bauerstätter, Stefanie Eile, Julie Krainer, Andreas Weinhäusel, Klemens Vierlinger

AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

FW: Farewell Session
Location: HS 14
Chair: Michael W Pfaffl, Technical University of Munich, Germany

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