Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Date: Saturday, 27/Apr/2019
280T: Identifying and assessing hidden links between food systems, land degradation and human mobility to support sustainability transitions
Location: MIT-320
Chair: Joerg A. Priess
Chair: Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert
281T: Hands-on-training session on evaluating three-dimensional urban expansion in mega cities in Asia
Location: MIT-120
Chair: Ram Avtar
380T: RUS: EO exploitation made simple
Location: MIT-228
Chair: Francesco Palazzo
381T: Dinamica ego 4 - an environmental modeling platform: Introduction and innovative features
Location: MIT-224
Chair: Britaldo Soares-Filho
Chair: Ubirajara Oliveira
Chair: Letícia Santos Lima
382T: An introduction to using Google Earth Engine for land system science
Location: MIT-128
Chair: Jared R. Stapp
383T: An introduction to system dynamics for understanding the sustainability challenges of land system transformations
Location: MIT-124
Chair: Md Sarwar Hossain Sohel
384T: Exploring scenario tools for sustainable mountain development –modelling session (NO ABSTRACTS BEING
Location: MIT-324
Chair: Robert Marchant
Chair: Enrico Celio
Chair: Aino Kulonen
Chair: Adrienne Grêt-Regamey
Chair: Ricardo Grau
385T: Methods to Quantify Land Change
Location: MIT-016
Chair: Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr
387T: Just a game or a game changer ? A role-playing game to explore the influence of knowledge, communication and collective action on landscape management
Location: MIT-220
Chair: Anne Giger Dray
Chair: Swen Petrus Maria Bos
Chair: Nicolas Salliou
386T: Methods to Simulate Land Change
Location: MIT-016
Chair: Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr