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Session Overview
385T: Methods to Quantify Land Change
Saturday, 27/Apr/2019:
9:00am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr
Location: MIT-016
Mittelstrasse 43, ground floor, room 016, 24 seats
Session Topics:
How do we support transformation?

Session Abstract

Professor Pontius ( offers a morning workshop of lecture and discussion concerning how to quantify change among land categories. Participants learn how to use a spreadsheet to describe temporal change and to assess errors in terms of three components: quantity, exchange and shift. The workshop also examines Intensity Analysis, which characterizes a time series at three levels of increasing detail: interval, category and transition. Pontius shows also how to avoid common blunders when analyzing land change. Participants range from students to senior scientists. Participation in the morning workshop is not a prerequisite for the afternoon workshop. The workshop focuses on concepts, not on how to use specific software. Computers are not necessary for the workshop, although the methods are available in R and TerrSet. Participants receive a 50% discount on a general, academic, or student license of the GIS software TerrSet (

Training Organiser: Robert Pontius

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