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Session Overview
356N: Participatory shaping of GLP’s roadmap towards knowledge co-production
Wednesday, 24/Apr/2019:
4:15pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Albrecht Ehrensperger
Session Chair: Isabelle Providoli
Session Chair: Jean-Christophe Castella
Session Chair: Narcisa Gabriela Pricope
Session Chair: Flurina Schneider
Session Chair: Theresa Tribaldos
Location: MB-220
Main Building, room 220, second floor, west wing, 154 (+22) seats
Session Topics:
How do we support transformation?

Session Abstract

Is land system science relevant for sustainability transformation? Have the more than 5000 publications produced by GLP scientists since 2015 found their way into societal processes and supported practitioners in addressing sustainability issues? We land system scientists might never answer these questions unless we engage in research co-production processes that help us verifying that our science is aligned with societal knowledge needs.

Aware of this, the GLP working group on co-production of sustainable land systems aims to foster the development and use of co-production approaches in the GLP community. It is conducting a series of webinars to tap the experience of GLP members, which it will use to elaborate a draft roadmap for co-production in land system science. Based on a coherent change theory, this roadmap will allow GLP scientists to align their work with and find entry points into co-production approaches.

In our session, participants will have the opportunity to discuss, review, and approve this draft and to be among those who shape GLP’s co-production strategy:

(1) Three speakers will present (a) the structural and functional characteristics of the GLP network and their implications for collaborative processes, (b) the state of the art of knowledge co-design and co-production in the GLP community, and (c) the main parts of the roadmap.

(2) Groups of participants, composed of GLP scientists and representatives from policy and implementation organisations (e.g. Swiss national departments, IUCN, ILC), will each discuss and review one part of the draft.

(3) Based on the group discussions, participants will engage in a moderated debate aiming to test the overall coherence of the roadmap.

(4) The moderator will summarize aspects of the roadmap needing amendment and participants will be requested to mandate the GLP working group to elaborate a consolidated version to be submitted to GLP’s scientific steering committee.

Session Organizers: Albrecht Ehrensperger, Isabelle Providoli, Jean-Christophe Castella, Narcisa Pricope, Flurina Schneider, and Theresa Tribaldos

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