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Session Overview
151N: Mapping socio-ecological land systems for South America
Thursday, 25/Apr/2019:
5:15pm - 6:45pm

Session Chair: Lucía Zarbá
Session Chair: María Piquer-Rodríguez
Session Chair: Ricardo Grau
Location: MB-115
Main Building, room 115, first floor, west wing, 54 seats
Session Topics:
What are the visions for the planetary land system?

Session Abstract

There is almost no place on Earth free from human influence, i.e., anthromes. Land classification systems that incorporates the human-environmental dimension is a key avenue in the land-use sciences to foster sustainability and conservation strategies (GLP regional workshop of Latin America 2016). Boillat et al. 2017 conceptualized social ecological land systems (SELS) for Latin America generating a biome-level typology, a brief characterization of the systems and some example regions. However, these definitions are only descriptive (i.e., non-spatial) and could include other spatial variables that contribute to understanding large-scale processes in Latin America. Besides, mapping exercises that include the participation of stakeholders ensure the coherence of the results and their future utilization from stakeholders because of their involvement in their generation.

In this session, we aim at revising and mapping SELS for South America which is part of an ongoing collaborative publication with some of the co-authors of Boillat et al. 2017 among others (specialists on the geography and social-environmental systems of South America). After a brief presentation of the methodology, the resulting maps will be open for discussing the clusters of ecoregions with similar socio-ecological systems. In this way “presenters” will be active participants in the open discussions with the audience.

Format: Roundtable discussions with stakeholder participation open to any GLP participant with expertise and interest in contributing and enriching interactive discussions.

We aim at organizing a digital-touch-screen-coffee table such as d-table , where participants can physically interact with the maps.

No contributions were assigned to this session.