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Session Overview
258N: Developing actionable research through the Global-Dryland Ecosystem Program (G-DEP)
Wednesday, 24/Apr/2019:
4:15pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Dennis Ojima
Location: UniS-A 022
UniS Building, room A 022, ground floor, 72 seats
Session Topics:
What do people want from land?

Session Abstract

Dryland systems are found on all continents of the world; covering over 41% of the land surface, producing 44% of the crops; supporting approximately 2bn people; holding approximately third of biodiversity hotspots; and providing habitat for 28% of endangered species. These lands are faced with immense pressure due to land use change, population growth and climate changes; livelihood strategies are challenged by globalization that affects their markets and policies, and places new demands on natural resources derived from these landscapes.

A new international initiative, The Global-Dryland Ecosystem Program (G-DEP), is addressing the challenges faced by these diverse and fragile land systems. G-DEP aims to develop an actionable research approach to support sustainable land use systems that meet local social-ecological needs of communities living and working in drylands.

This Innovation Session is proposed to capture research and engagement directions from the GLP community and to foster collaborative activities with groups from other regions of the world and on-going research efforts within the GLP network to address dryland system concerns.

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