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Session Overview
280T: Identifying and assessing hidden links between food systems, land degradation and human mobility to support sustainability transitions
Saturday, 27/Apr/2019:
9:00am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Joerg A. Priess
Session Chair: Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert
Location: MIT-320
Mittelstrasse 43, third floor, room 320, 36 seats
Session Topics:
What do people want from land?

Session Abstract

Land use research is making considerable progress in biophysical and socio-economic approaches facilitating transitions towards sustainable land use. However, in practice progress towards sustainable land management is slow, with recent findings showing that “sustainable intensification” fails to deliver the full socio-environmental benefits it promised. Especially land degradation is still one of the major challenges of developing and transition countries, threatening livelihoods and food production, which is increasingly seen both as the cause and consequence of human migration.

The land science community has identified many biophysical and socio-environmental links between drivers and processes affecting rural land use. This workshop aims at focusing on issues which may have been “forgotten” or under-researched. More precisely, this workshop shall explicitly address (hidden) links between food systems and livelihoods, human mobility and migration and land degradation.

By inviting scientists from relevant research topics, and engaging in a collective reflection, we aim to improve our understanding of what do people want from land - and how do they try to get it. The “how” may include transformational, but unknown or underestimated local/regional knowledge, potentially useful as low barrier 1st steps towards sustainability.

Structure & scheme

Topics will each be elaborated in moderated breakout groups. Workshop results will be compiled as recommendations for scientists working in the addressed fields. Options for disseminating workshop results, as in a joint position paper, will be discussed with participants. The workshop also aims to contribute to the identification of research questions and hypotheses in land system science.

Time Agenda item

5 min General introduction

25 min Input statements

40 min Breakout groups

15 min Presentation of results and discussion

5 min Synopsis

We strongly encourage interested participants to send comments regarding “hidden links” between food systems and livelihoods, mobility and land degradation to the organizers, thereby supporting focused discussions.

Training Organisers: Joerg A. Priess, Kathleen Hermans, Amare Haileselassie, Cristina A. de la Vega-Leinert

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