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Session Overview
281T: Hands-on-training session on evaluating three-dimensional urban expansion in mega cities in Asia
Saturday, 27/Apr/2019:
9:00am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Ram Avtar
Location: MIT-120
Mittelstrasse 43, first floor, room 120, 36 seats
Session Topics:
What do people want from land?

Session Abstract

With rapid development within the Asian region in the last two decades, three-dimensional (3-D) growth has been the main feature of urbanization. However, most previous research has focused only on the planar area (2-D) expansion. It has been noticed lately that planar area expansion is not possible because of certain limitations of the boundary/territory as well as the ratio between green and urban and arable and non-arable areas. Therefore, most megacities in Asia are developing vertically to accommodate rural immigration and population growth. There is a clear knowledge gap in, how the vertical expansion is associated with urbanization and its impact on environmental degradation. Most of the previous policymakers design the policies based on planer expansion because of lack of vertical expansion data in developing countries. Therefore, this training is designed to monitor urban expansion in 3-D. We have developed a training using Python to extract building height information from ALOS- Global Digital Surface Model “ALOS World 3D (AW3D30) data. This training is based on 3D fractal analysis of AW3D30 data as well as we will integrate planar area expansion using Landsat data. As a use-case, we will also demonstrate how 3D urban datasets can be used along with nighttime light datasets to assist in air pollutant emission inventory management. The proposed training will support to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11 sustainable cities and communities. It will aim to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of various stakeholders to monitor urban growth more precisely by considering 3-D growth. This session is organized by the GLP Japan Nodal Office.

Training Organisers: Waturu Takeuchi, Ram Avtar, and Prakhar Misra

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