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10/03: Track | Design Educators as Change Agents
Saturday, 25/Sept/2021:
3:15pm - 4:15pm

Session Chair: Yang Zhang, Shandong University of Art and Design; Nanjing University of the Arts
Session Chair: Xiang Xia, Nanjing University of the Arts
Session Chair: Ning Wang, Interpreter/Shandong University of Art and Design
Session Chair: Hong Liang, Interpreter/ Shandong University of Art & Design
Virtual location: Liaoning

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Interpreters: Ning WANG and Hong LIANG

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Professionalization of the discipline of interior architecture: Development of a ‘ready to use concept’ to intertwine research and education

Katelijn Quartier

Hasselt University, Belgium

Within the discipline of interior architecture, this paper takes the example of the specific domain of retail design to illustrate the interrelatedness between research and education at our faculty. We will elaborate on how we came to develop a ‘ready to use concept’, con-taining design guidelines and tools, that support students in making informed design deci-sions. As such, based on several workshops and an extensive literature review, eight tools were developed alongside 127 design guidelines. The tools and guidelines are inherently part of the retail design studio which is taught by a practitioner and an academic trained de-signer in order to be able to teach the mix of practical and academic knowledge as well as possible. We teach our students to be critical thinkers from the start and to apply scientific knowledge alongside their design skills while designing. Indeed, these students ultimately end up in the professional field and form a driving force for the professionalization process of interior architecture.

On the Signature Pedagogy of Photography Courses from the Perspective of Visual Communication Design

Yuanyuan Xu

University of Jinan, China, People's Republic of

As globalization deepens and cultural exchange becomes more frequent, the image has become an important channel of international cultural exchange and communication. As a form of light and shadow of contemporary art, it has its own advantages compared with literal communication. The application of lens language in image art and the expression of colour and emotion can bring a strong visual impact, and effectively arouse people's imagination and thoughts. Thus, the image has become a typical symbol of the arts in this era. How the courses of visual communication design adapt to the demands of this era is an important problem that design educators should think about. And the signature pedagogy provides the best solution to this problem.

Problems in the Reform of Design Teaching and Solutions :Taking Shandong University of Art & Design as An Example



This article takes the teaching reform of the undergraduate program in Shandong University of Art & Design as a case for study. Through surveys with students, teachers, and employers, it finds out three core challenges faced by the design majors, and proposes three correspondent solutions, namely to use “aptitude-based teaching to cultivate talents”, “learning-assisted teaching to classify the teaching system”, and “learning-promoted teaching to innovate lectures”, which lead to a philosophy for the reform, where student’s development is regarded as the very foundation of all learning, and their achievement as the orientation of all work. This article analyses the common phenomena and problems faced by design education, raises possible solutions and a guiding philosophy, which have both theoretical and practical significance.

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