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Session Overview
WE-202: I have a dream: Open Marketplace for Life Cycle approaches!
Wednesday, 06/Sep/2017:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Mark Jacob Goedkoop, PRé Consultants B.V., Netherlands, The
Session Chair: Peter Rudolf Saling, BASF SE, Germany
Location: Salle de Conférences de presse
European Convention Center - Ground Floor - "Salle de Conférénces de presse"

Session Abstract

The Sharing and Collaborative Economy have gained a lot of traction the last couple of years. Many innovative initiatives sprouted around this concept, from peer-to-peer solutions to collaboration along the value chain. The topic of this session is how sharing and collaboration can advance the use of Life Cycle approaches. An open mindset and joint approach can create a multiplier effect for the use of LCA results, LCM methods/tools or LCI Data. LCA practitioners are always looking for relevant and up-to-date datasets, which are real foundations for LCA studies. However, the domains covered by different databases often do not overlap and it becomes necessary to mix different databases. Other problems that users increasingly face are due to the various data formats (tool compatibility, nomenclature, terminology, etc.). If we would – for instance – share existing LCA models around the world, that would really help people to get started with using LCA. Thousands of LCA practitioners have already gone through that same learning curve and know all the modelling tips and tricks. What if we could use that expertise and experience to help newcomers to LCA? What if we could make this expertise accessible for - in particular small - companies for which the initial investment to start mining fact-based information through LCA is simply incompatible with their resources? What if we could create a data system and an approach (including simplified versions) fully consistent over all industry sectors?

Sharing is becoming more and more commonplace, so why not share our experience and knowledge as well? Getting started with Life Cycle approaches would be easier if people had access to a library of models, studies, methods, tools and data for products, services and organizations, a kind of open marketplace. This marketplace could accelerate the adoption of Life Cycle Approaches by large and small companies. In fact, we have seen already a number of these initiatives emerge and think this will unlock the huge potential from the LCA Community. Consortia and collaborative programs are very good places to favor this sharing approach. Examples are A.I.S.E., Plastics Europe, Glass Fiber Europe, Steel and Aluminum associations, The Sustainability Consortium, etc. and projects such as ERASM SLE (database for surfactants).

This session aims to provide a podium/panel for initiatives from consortia, industry and data providers to share their successes in sharing and collaborating along the life cycle in providing such an open marketplace.

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2:00pm - 2:15pm

MEANS-InOut: user-friendly software to perform complete LCI and share data of agricultural products

Julie Auberger1, Caroline Malnoë1, Lucille Chanel1, Vincent Colomb2, Geneviève Gésan-Guiziou3, Hayo van der Werf1, Joël Aubin1

1UMR SAS, INRA, AGROCAMPUS OUEST 35000 Rennes, France; 2ADEME, France; 3UMR STLO, INRA, AGROCAMPUS OUEST 35000 Rennes, France

2:15pm - 2:30pm

Guidelines and documentation for Web-based LCA system (WebLCA)

Hongtao Wang1, Li Zhang2, Zhilan Jiang2, Sijing Xiang2, Jing Zhang2, Bo Song2, Xiaoqian An1, Yiwei Liang1, Wenjie Liao1

1Sichuan University, China, People's Republic of; 2IKE Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.

2:30pm - 2:45pm

Making the dream come true: Sharing linked data and software with BONSAI

Michele De Rosa1, Bo Weidema1, Jannick Schmidt2

1BONSAI, Denmark; 22.-0 LCA Consultants, Denmark

2:45pm - 3:00pm

On the way towards an open marketplace: How to make the LCA world modular?

Rainer Zah1, Mark Goedkoop2, Juergen Reinhard1, Eric Mieras2

1Quantis, Switzerland; 2PRé, The Netherlands

3:00pm - 3:15pm

How Coatings established a strong bond with LCA and Sustainability: CEPE database and Ecofootprint tool

Olympia Dolla1, Pau Huguet Ferran2

1CEPE, EU; 2Ecomatters, Netherlands, The


Roadmap Item: Inventory Model Description and Revision

Brandon Kuczenski1, Antonino Marvuglia2, Wesley W. Ingwersen3, Barclay Satterfield4, David P. Evers5, Christoph Koffler6, Tomás Navarrete2, Lise Laurin7

1University of California, Santa Barbara; 2Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology; 3US Environmental Protection Agency; 4Eastman Chemical Company; 5Hexion Inc.; 6thinkstep Inc.; 7EarthShift Global

Kuczenski-Roadmap Item-681_POSTER.pdf


PlasticsEurope experience and perspectives in developing datasets for the LCA community

guy castelan

PlasticsEurope, France

castelan-PlasticsEurope experience and perspectives in developing datasets-347_POSTER.pdf


UNEP/SETAC Initiative technical support on data review and conformance: a summary of learnings

Bruce Vigon1, Guido Sonnemann2, Anne Asselin3, Andreas Ciroth4, Tim Grant5, Cristobal Loyola6, Nongnuch Poolsawad7, Jitti Mungkalasiri7

1SETAC, Pensacola, Florida, USA; 2University of Bordeaux, France; 3Consultant, Paris area, France; 4Greendelta, Berlin, Germany; 5Australian Life Cycle Society, Australia; 6Regenerativa, Santiago, Chile; 7National Metal and Materials Technology Center (MTEC), Bangkok, Thailand


Data-based compliance management for sustainable supply chains – Current approaches and concepts for the circular economy

Andreas Schiffleitner1, Rupert J. Baumgartner2, Josef-Peter Schöggl2, Morgane M.C. Fritz2

1iPoint-Austria GmbH, Austria; 2University of Graz; Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research

Schiffleitner-Data-based compliance management for sustainable supply chains – Current approaches and c_POSTER.pdf


Mainstreaming Life Cycle approaches through the collaborative platform [avniR]

Alice Salamon1, Vanessa Pasquet1, Aubin ROY1, Clémence DUBOIS2, Christian TRAISNEL2, Victor FERREIRA2, Naeem ADIBI1

1avniR] Platform by cd2e, France; 2cd2e, France


On the road towards smart use of LCA data - A Swedish national strategy to provide reference data in key areas

Carl Karheiding1, Sara Palander1, Christoffer Krewer2, Johan Tivander3, Lisa Hallberg4, Sven-Olof Ryding5

1Chalmers University of Technology/Swedish Life Cycle Center, Sweden; 2RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB; 3Chalmers University of Technology; 4IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute; 5Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Karheiding-On the road towards smart use of LCA data-436_POSTER.pdf


A shared and recognised support data standard as a necessary first step towards exchange of LCA data and information.

Yves Loerincik, Christophe Porté, Clémentine Maurice, Rainer Zah


Loerincik-A shared and recognised support data standard as a necessary first step towards exchange-456_POSTER.pdf


Carbon footprint assessment of a wind power plant in Brazil: enhancing product value and life cycle management at Copel

Murilo Agio Nerone1, Raquele Cristina Moretti de Souza1, Matheus Fernandes2, Beatriz Cristina Koszka Kiss2, Ricardo Dinato2

1Companhia Paranaense de Energia - COPEL; 2Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) of the São Paulo School of Business Administration, Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV EAESP)

Nerone-Carbon footprint assessment of a wind power plant-464_POSTER.pdf


A system for sharing life cycle models - implications

Andreas Ciroth, Greve Sebastian, Srocka Michael

GreenDelta, Germany


Collaborative Life Cycle Activities (Co-LCA) to create Shared Meta-Analysis Dataset

Stéphane Morel1, Franck Aggeri2

1RENAULT, France; 2MINES Paristech, Paris, France


Highly aggregated vs. specific granularity – A database and software independent LCA modeling approach: An analysis and solution for copper inventory data

Ladji Tikana1, Michael Spielmann2, Diana Eggers2

1Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e.V; 2Quantis Deutschland

Tikana-Highly aggregated vs specific granularity – A database and software independent LCA modeling a_POSTER.pdf

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