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Session Overview
TU-102: Raw materials supply chains in the light of the circular economy
Tuesday, 05/Sep/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Jo Dewulf, Ghent University, Belgium
Session Chair: Johannes Drielsma, EUROMINES, Belgium
Location: Salle de conférences 1
European Convention Center - Ground Floor - "Salle de conférences 1"

Session Abstract

Global raw material supply chains are facing major challenges related to secure and sustainable supply of raw materials, resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical process, value chain optimisation, recycling for end-of-life products, etc. Within the broad context of the circular economy, threats such as supply disruptions and related criticality can occur, in the absence of a proper Life Cycle Management (LCM). This session is a joint initiative from research institutes coordinated in the Sustainability Support and Information Centre of the EIT Raw Materials (SSIC), the European Commission JRC, mining sector federations and the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) as an important end-user of the supply chain of raw materials. Abstracts for oral presentations and posters are welcome aiming at innovation and emerging technologies, new business models looking at complete end-to-end value chains of raw materials, substitution, recycling and circular economy in general.

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10:30am - 10:45am

Coupling simulation of mineral processing with Life Cycle Assessment to assess the environmental impacts of copper production

Jérôme BODIN1, Antoine BEYLOT1, Jacques VILLENEUVE1, Kathy BRU1, Augustin CHANOINE2, Pierre-Alexis DUVERNOIS2, Françoise BODENAN1

1BRGM, France; 2Deloitte, France

10:45am - 11:00am

Allocations and end of life management in LCA: How to decide?

Morgane Pelote1, Gaël Fick1, Mauro Chiappini2, Olivier Néel3, Mélanie Pélissard4

1IRT M2P, France; 2ArcelorMittal Global R&D, France; 3Constellium C-TEC, France; 4Groupe Renault, France

11:00am - 11:15am

A bi-dimensional assessment to measure the performance of circular economy: a case study of tires end-of-life management

Geoffrey Lonca1,2, Romain Muggéo3, Sophie Bernard2, Manuele Margni1,2

1CIRAIG, Canada; 2Polytehcnique Montréal, Canada; 3Michelin Technological Center, France

Lonca-A bi-dimensional assessment to measure the performance-237_POSTER.pdf

11:15am - 11:30am

The Environmental Performance of High Value Recycling for the Fashion Industry: LCA for four case studies

Theodoros Spathas1,2, Greg Peters2, Valentina Prado3

1T. Spathas Sustainability Consulting, NL; 2Chalmers University of Technology; 3Leiden University

11:30am - 11:45am

Identifying the environmental potential for chemical recycling of waste polymers

Raoul Meys1, Leonard Müller1, Stefan Westhues2, Jürgen Klankermayer2, André Bardow1

1Chair of Technical Thermodynamics, RWTH Aachen University; 2Institute for Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University


Circular economy: Recycling glass fibre reinforced composites (GRP) according to EN 15804 Module D (End-of-Life) through applied LCA scenarios

Victor Vladimirov

HOBAS Pipes International, Austria and Technical University for Civil Engineering Doctoral School, Bucharest

Vladimirov-Circular economy-158_POSTER.pdf


Circular supplies fueling wine sector

Pedro Villanueva-Rey1,2, Paula Quinteiro2, Luis Arroja2, Ana Cláudia Dias2

1University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain; 2University of Aveiro, Portugal

Villanueva-Rey-Circular supplies fueling wine sector-183_POSTER.pdf


Assessing selected metals flows in France and their recycling potential


1University of Bordeaux, France; 2ENSCBP Bordeaux INP, France; 3French Geological Survey, France

THEVENOT-Assessing selected metals flows in France and their recycling potential-216_POSTER.pdf


Carbon cycles in urban vertical farming from a circular economy approach

Pere Llorach-Massana1,2, Javier Peña2, Joan Rieradevall1, J.Ignacio Montero3,1

1Sostenipra Research Group (SGR 01412), Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (ICTA), Z Building, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Campus UAB, 08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain; 2ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. La Rambla 30-32. 08002 Barcelona, Spain; 3Institute of Food and Agricultural Research (IRTA), Carretera de Cabrils, km 2, 08348 Barcelona, Spain

Llorach-Massana-Carbon cycles in urban vertical farming from a circular economy approach-223_POSTER.pdf


Raw material potential for biopolymers in Europe

Andrea Thorenz, Lars Wietschel, Axel Tuma

University Augsburg, Germany

Thorenz-Raw material potential for biopolymers in Europe-247_POSTER.pdf


Industrial by-products and the circular economy: Optimising emerging technologies for valorisation of bauxite residue using LCA

Peter James Joyce1, Tobias Hertel2, Yiannis Pontikes2, Anna Björklund1

1KTH, Sweden; 2KU Leuven, Belgium

Joyce-Industrial by-products and the circular economy-283_POSTER.pdf


The Development of a Material Circularity Indicator software tool

Luca Petruccelli1, Conny Bakker2, Claes Fredriksson1, Wendela Huisman2

1Granta Design, United Kingdom; 2Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Petruccelli-The Development of a Material Circularity Indicator software tool-288_POSTER.pdf


Circularity through industrial symbiosis: Drivers, obstacles and effects of introducing secondary raw materials in construction products

Lisa Bolin1, Ozge Yilmaz2, Rickard Fornell1, Emma Rex1

1SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden; 2Ekodenge AŞ, Turkey


Integrated method to assess resource use in the context of sustainable development (ESSENZ +)

Vanessa Bach1, Martin Henßler2, Markus Berger1, Klaus Ruhland2, Laura Schneider1, Matthias Finkbeiner1

1Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Sustainable Engineering, Germany; 2Daimler AG, Group Environmental Protection, Stuttgart 70546, Germany

Bach-Integrated method to assess resource use in the context-313_POSTER.pdf


Ecolonomy, Econology or The genesis of a massive weapon of construction


ECS-3.COM, Ukraine


BLUBOX: Integrated Plant for Mixed Lamp and Flat Screen Recycling

Guilhem Grimaud1,2, Andreas Krebs3, Nicolas Perry2, Bertrand Laratte2,4

1MTB Recycling, France; 2Arts & Métiers ParisTech, I2M, UMR 5295, Talence, France; 3BLUBOX Trading AG, 5708 Birrwil, Switzerland; 4APESA, 23 Rue Hélène Boucher, 40220 Tarnos




Naeem ADIBI1,2, Zoubeir LAFHAJ2, Jerome PAYET3,4

1avniR] - cd2e, France; 2Ecole Centrale de Lille, France; 3Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland; 4Cycleco, France



Supporting the transition towards a more circular economy: opportunities in the built environment

Elisabeth Keijzer1, Jacco Verstraeten-Jochemsen1, Vigil Yangjinqi Yu1,2, Peter Kuindersma1, Sanne van Leeuwen1, Suzanne de Vos-Effting1

1TNO, The Netherlands; 2Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom


Life-cycle based data management tools for sustainable aggregates planning

Silvia Bobba1, Valbusa Michele2, Alessandro Moltrer2, Gian Andrea Blengini1,3, Erwin M. Shau3

1Politecnico di Torino, Italy; 2Provincia Autonoma di Trento; 3Joint Research Centre, European Commission


Life cycle management for cobalt in the context of the circular economy

Jonna Meyhoff Fry1, Carol-lynne M. Pettit2, Simon Aumonier1

1Environmental Resources Management, United Kingdom; 2Cobalt Development Institute, United Kingdom


Identification and Assessment of Second Life Applications of Permanent Magnets from Wind Power Plants

Dennis Goldner, Anika Regett

Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V., Germany

Goldner-Identification and Assessment of Second Life Applications of Permanent Magnets-452_POSTER.pdf


Circular Economy and LCA Allocation methods: The Case Study of Plastics Recycling in Brazil.

Marina Santa Rosa Rocha, Rafael Freitas Funcia Lemme, Anna Bernstad Saraiva Schott, Alba Cánovas Creus, Rogerio de Aragão Bastos do Valle

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Rocha-Circular Economy and LCA Allocation methods-506_POSTER.pdf


Towards an improved life-cycle modelling method for recycling: A case study on steel making

Zhilan Jiang1,2, Hongtao Wang1, Wenjie Liao1

1Sichuan University, China, People's Republic of; 2IKE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Jiang-Towards an improved life-cycle modelling method for recycling-535_POSTER.pdf


Characterizing global supply chains for responsible management of four metals

Steven Young

University of Waterloo, Canada


Redesign of manufacturing processes by LCA - case of DMSO solvent recovery

Klara Szita Tóthné1, Anett Zajáros2, Károly Matolcsy2, Daniel Horváth3

1retired, Hungary; 2MI Nonprofit Ltd; 3S-Metalltech Ltd.

Szita Tóthné-Redesign of manufacturing processes by LCA-584_POSTER.pdf


Consequential LCA as a tool for a sustainability assessment in an industrial context – A case study on the recycling of rare earth elements from fluorescent lamps

Dieuwertje Schrijvers1,2, Philippe Loubet2,3, Guido Sonnemann1,2

1University of Bordeaux, ISM, UMR 5255, France; 2CNRS, ISM, UMR 5255, France; 3Bordeaux INP - ENSCBP, ISM, UMR 5255, 33607 Pessac, France


Copper’s critical role in the Circular Economy: Current and future contributions

Andrea J Vaccari1, Ladji Tikana2, Géraud Servin3

1International Copper Association, Ltd, United States of America; 2Deutsches Kupferinstitut Berufsverband e.V., Germany; 3International Copper Association c/o European Copper Institute, Belgium

Vaccari-Copper’s critical role in the Circular Economy-625_POSTER.pdf

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