Conference Agenda

13-05: Starting with women: tools for empowerment
Friday, 29/Mar/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: MC 9-100

ID: 491 / 13-05: 1
MasterClass - learning day events

Starting with women: tools for empowerment

Amanda Richardson1, Amy Coughenour2, Anne Girardin3

1Resource Equity, United States of America; 2Cadasta, United States of America; 3Cadasta, France

This class will teach participants about tools for securing women’s land rights. Specialists will demonstrate the Starting with Women approach, which includes a set of tools for helping women assess the barriers to their land tenure security, identify potential solutions to these challenges, and take steps to overcome the obstacles that they face in order to secure their rights to land. Participants will also learn about a different suite of tools to support and train female data collectors to document and secure their land rights. The class will also provide guidance on an approach for effectively involving women in the documentation process, analyzing the legal framework of the intervention, and securing political and community buy-in with examples from the field. Finally, the class will provide simple and effective methodologies of communication to strengthen tenure security for women.