Conference Agenda

05-08: New ways of registering customary land
Wednesday, 27/Mar/2019:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Janet L. Banda SC., Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Malawi
Location: MC 8-100

ID: 349 / 05-08: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Commons and natural resource management
Keywords: Community delimitation; Fuzzy Boundaries; Overlapping rights; Data acquisition; Participatory cadaster maintenance.

Addressing fuzzy boundaries in community delimitations for systematic cadaster in Mozambique

João Carrilho1, Marisa Balas2, Mario Marques3, Zileque Macate3, Christiaan Lemmen4

1National Directorate of Lands, Mozambique; 2EXI, Lda, Mozambique; 3Verde Azul, Lda, Mozambique; 4Kadaster, The Netherlands


ID: 636 / 05-08: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Land and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples
Keywords: community, registration, technical capacity, implementation, practice

Moving from debate to implementation: Opportunities for Community Land Registration in Kenya

Brian Gideon Washe Kazungu, Justus Wabwire Ogollah Wambayi

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Kenya


ID: 962 / 05-08: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Commons and natural resource management
Keywords: Grazing agreements, hybrid property rights, pastoralism, conflict mediation, negotiated access

“Grazing agreements: negotiated resource access and conflict mediation at the private property-common property nexus in Kenya’s rangelands”

Christopher Wade

Independent Consultant, United States of America


ID: 1147 / 05-08: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: customary land rights, land governance, institutional innovation

Social and institutional innovation in land reform: local land charters in Burkina

Hubert Marie Gerard Ouedraogo

DID international, Burkina Faso