Conference Agenda

02-06: Indonesia's 'one map' policy: Does it live up to its potential?
Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Jill Pike, Millennium Challenge Corporation, United States of America
Location: MC 6-100

ID: 1023 / 02-06: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: Cost-Benefit Analysis, Geospatial Data Infrastructure, Governance Effectiveness, Indonesia, One Map Policy

Governance effectiveness evaluation and cost benefit analysis of one map policy delivery institutions at the sub-national level in Indonesia

Nanda Noor1, Anita Silalahi1, Adi Pradana1, Aris Haryanto2

1World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia; 2Geospatial Information Agency (BIG) of the Government of Republic of Indonesia


ID: 846 / 02-06: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Land and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples
Keywords: indigenous community, participatory mapping, One Map, land use, Indonesia

Mapping indigenous land: lesson learned from One Map Initiative in Indonesia

Dwiki Ridhwan, Carolina Astri, Dean Affandi, Fajar Muis, Lawalata Julius

World Resources Institute Indonesia, Indonesia


ID: 1136 / 02-06: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Global frameworks; indicators; progress monitoring, LGAF
Keywords: social forestry, impact evaluation, community forest, village forest, community-based forest management

Towards prosperity and sustainability: The progress of social forestry implementation in Indonesia

Dimas Fauzi1, Satrio Wicaksono1, Adelina Chandra2, Fadhilla Husnul Khatimah3

1WRI Indonesia, Indonesia; 2Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies, Sweden; 3Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, Indonesia