Conference Agenda

09-03: Potential and pitfalls of using drone imagery
Thursday, 28/Mar/2019:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Edward Anderson, World Bank group, Tanzania
Location: MC 2-800


Governance frameworks for the sustainable implementation of UAVs in Rwanda.

Ine Buntinx, C├ęsar Casiano, Joep Crompvoets

KU Leuven, Belgium

Smart cadaster. Coupling imagery from drones and street-view with proper incentives to promote sustainable urban cadasters in developing countries.

Victor Endo1, Luis Triveno2

1Global Land Alliance, Peru; 2World Bank, USA

A study on supporting reservoir management using spatial information for preparations for drought

Jinwoo Park

LX Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corp., Korea, Republic of (South Korea)