Conference Agenda

09-11: Land as instrument for post-conflict peacebuilding
Thursday, 28/Mar/2019:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: David F. Varela, Global Land Alliance, Colombia
Location: MC C1-100

ID: 474 / 09-11: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Land and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples
Keywords: Syria, housing land and property, displaced women, property restitution

Housing, land and property (HLP) rights for Syrian women

Laura Cunial, Juliette Syn

Norwegian Refugee Council, Syria


ID: 476 / 09-11: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Global frameworks; indicators; progress monitoring, LGAF
Keywords: Land conflict, GIS, indicators, risk frameworks, land tenure

Developing land tenure risk indicators in FCV contexts

Paul Prettitore

The World Bank, United States of America


ID: 977 / 09-11: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Land and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples
Keywords: Displacement, HLP rights, Internally Displaced Persons, Protection

Technology, policy, national systems and local civil society: using a mobile application to protect the housing, land and property rights of displaced people in Honduras

Jamila El Abdellaoui1, Lorena Nieto Padilla2, Juan Carlos Betancur2

1UNHCR, The Netherlands; 2UNHCR, Honduras

09-11-El Abdellaoui-977_paper.pdf
09-11-El Abdellaoui-977_ppt.ppt

ID: 866 / 09-11: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: participatory social cartography, environmental peacebuilding

Environmental peacebuilding through participatory social cartography: land, property and social data mapping of ground zero or most affected area to assist Marawi city recover from violent conflict

Michelle Angelica Go

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Republic of the Philippines