Conference Agenda

06-13: Providing policy advice through applied research
Wednesday, 27/Mar/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Anna Locke, Overseas Development Institute, United Kingdom
Location: MC 7-860

ID: 151 / 06-13: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: Customary rights; Ghana; Land insecurity; Land governance; Land guard

Governance challenges in sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Land Guards and land protection in Ghana

David Kwasi Bansah

Ghana Revenue Authority, Ghana

ID: 877 / 06-13: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: Rwanda-Tanzania, Institutional Governance, Urban Wetlands conservation, Food production, Environmental protection

Assessing institutional governance in balancing food production and environmental protection in urban wetlands of Kigali/Rwanda and tropical Kilombero floodplain/Tanzania. A comparative analysis

John Kalisa

World Bank Group, Rwanda

ID: 232 / 06-13: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: Communication links, Productivity, Knowledge transfers, Growth and Income distribution

Growth effects of banking development on agriculture and industrial GDP in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ayine Nigo

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

ID: 419 / 06-13: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Land and human rights, gender, indigenous peoples
Keywords: land tenancy, tenure security

Land related human rights in Pakistan: improving land tenancy as a pathway for agriculture development and food security

Marianna Bicchieri

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Thailand