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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Wacha, BenAction for Women and Awakening in Rural Environment, UgandaPoster Board 02-08
Wachira, MiriamFederation of Women Layers, KenyaLand administration and changing gender norms
Wade, ChristopherIndependent Consultant, United States of AmericaNew ways of registering customary land  Presenter
Wadyajena, Justice MayorParliament of Zimbabwe, ZimbabweHow to regulate expropriation for large-scale investments?  Presenter
Wai, Nwai Aye AyeThe PLAN: Public Legal Aid Network, Myanmar;
River Mekong Group
Planning land use to attract investment
Waibel, HermannLeibniz Universität Hannover, GermanyLand rights regularization and common property resources
Wambayi, Justus Wabwire OgollahFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, KenyaNew ways of registering customary land
Wang, DanThe Economist, China, People's Republic ofLand price determinants  Presenter
Wang, HaoluanUniversity of Maryland at College Park, United States of AmericaEvaluating impacts of land tenure interventions  Presenter
Wang, XuemanWorld Bank, United States of AmericaSpatial transformation to achieve green urban growth  Presenter
Wang Sonne, Soazic EliseThe World Bank GroupPoster Board 01-07  Presenter
Wanjiku, SamuelTübingen University, GermanyPoster Board 02-11  Presenter
Wanyonyi, AgathaUN-Habitat, KenyaPoster Board 01-09
Improving decision-making on common lands
Ward, AnseeuwCIRAD / International Land Coalition, ItalyInstitutionalizing bottom-up monitoring
Wayumba, RobertTechnical University Kenya TUK Kenya"Its4land" - innovative geospatial tools for fit-for-purpose land rights mapping
Webb, RaeleneMurray Chambers, AustraliaIndigenous tenure for resilience and reconciliation  Presenter
Weber, MadaleineCadasta Foundation, United StatesMapping land rights for better socio-economic outcomes
Wehrmann, BabetteIndependent Expert, GermanyAnalyzing and improving land conflict resolution mechanisms - sharing experiences from the GIZ Global Program Responsble Land Policy  Presenter
Wei, LongbaoZhejiang University, China, People's Republic ofUrban land research, land assembly and land markets in China
Wengenmayer, BiancaUINL, ItalyCan land administration foster gender equality?
Weru, JaneAkiba Mashinani Trust, KenyaRegulations for urban planning
West, MarkLandesa, United States of AmericaPoster Board 01-06
White, AndyRights and Resources Initiative, United States of AmericaEnforcing adherence to standards for large land-based investment
Whittington, DaleUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States of AmericaDrawing policy advice from land data analysis
Wicaksono, SatrioWRI Indonesia, IndonesiaIndonesia's 'one map' policy: Does it live up to its potential?  Presenter
Widjarnarso Hartanto, TonyWorld Bank, IndonesiaScaling up municipal spatial data infrastructure: regulatory innovations and technology solutions
Wilkinson, ClaireInternational Justice MissionGender and land policy  Presenter
Williamson, GlennGeorgetown University, School of Continuing Education, United States of AmericaWorking with the Private Sector: bridging the gap between the Public, Private and Civil Society Sectors to catalyze innovation in Land Markets
Williamson, RuelGreenfield Advisors, Inc., United States of AmericaChallenges of redistributive land reform  Presenter
Winkel, GeorgEuropean Forest Institute (EFI), GermanyLinking global issue to local reality on the commons
Wits, TjeerdMeridia, The NetherlandsBeyond joint titling: Making land institutions gender-sensitive
Woods, KevinForest Trends, United States of AmericaThe political economy of land tenure reform
Worthy, KimberleyOrdnance Survey, United KingdomInteroperability of spatial data: Examples and regulatory framework
Wouters, Hendrikus Johannes {Rik}Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster), Netherlands, The;
Kadaster International;
UNECE WPLA, The Netherlands
Land consolidation: A tool to improve land use
Poster Board 02-13
Can building regulations be designed properly?