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Session Overview
12-01: Using drones for land use mapping and risk assessment
Friday, 29/Mar/2019:
9:00am - 10:30am

Location: MC C1-100


Using drones for land use mapping and risk assessment

Edward Anderson

World Bank group, Tanzania

Rapid urbanization is driving disaster risk in Africa to change from predominantly rural—with drought and food security challenges—to urban, with floods, cyclone, and earthquakes. Africa’s fast-growing cities are already struggling with natural hazards as climate change intensifies. A key challenge in risk reduction is the timely collection of actionable risk data.

Drones are an agile image collection platform with a significant potential to support land use mapping and risk assessment. In 2018, the Dar es Salaam Multi-Agency Emergency Response Team is requested a local drone company to collect imagery to identify flood damage. The Zanzibar Mapping Initiative over 2500 km² of drone imagery which is used for coastal and environmental monitoring and urban planning.

how exactly can drone data be translated into actionable information? we will illustrate examples from Tanzania which demonstrate how participatory mapping and AI technologies can be leveraged to transform aerial drone imagery into actions.