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Session Overview
12-05: Innovative grassroots women led tools for gender responsive land governance
Friday, 29/Mar/2019:
9:00am - 10:30am

Location: MC 9-100


Innovative grassroots women led tools for gender responsive land governance

Mino Harivelo Ramaroson1, Frances Birungi2, Birte Scholz1, Gaynor Paradza1

1HUAIROU COMMISSION, United States of America; 2UCOBAC, Uganda

Equal land rights for men and women are fundamental for realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Secure land rights for female farmers and business women can improve investments, access to credit and better land use and productivity. Equitable access, ownership and control of land ad tenure security for all cannot occur without a transformation of land governance processes from the conventional top-down process to a more bottom-up, inclusive, participatory and gender responsive processes. The master class will therefore showcase the innovative grassroots led practices and tools that grassroots women organizations are developing and applying in their communities in order to transform land governance processes at local and national levels in ways that empower women as active agents of change and also deliver tenure security at scale ensuring that gender inequality is diminished rather than concretized.