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Session Overview
13-01: How land professionals can contribute to making the SDGs a reality
Friday, 29/Mar/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: MC C1-100

ID: 312 / 13-01: 1
MasterClass - learning day events

How land professionals can contribute to making the SDGs a reality

James Kavanagh1, Diane Dumashie2, Ben Elder1

1RICS, United Kingdom; 2FIG, United Kingdom

There is a deep affinity and interconnection between various FIG commissions and none more so than commissions 7 (land administration), 8 (spatial planning), 9 (valuation). Initiatives such as the ‘valuation of unregistered land’ projects as undertaken by RICS, FIG and GLTN and output from RICS on professional sectors and the SDGs a reality, have really started to resonant with many in the global land professionals from both the private and public sectors. FFP, LADM and ILMS along with numerous other standards, benchmarks and indices are only there to achieve the purpose of enabling transparent, effective and efficient land & property markets, the SDGs are a framework for achieving this goal. This workshop and masterclass sets out to open this dialogue on how we can actively interact with the SDG framework to promote awareness, learning and collaboration.