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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Haas, EvaGeoVille, AustriaPoster Board 02-07
Habiyaremye, Gaspard NelsonIndependent consultant, Rwanda02-01
Hack, MatthiasDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Germany07-03
Hadria, RachidNational Institute for Agricultural Research, MoroccoPoster Board 02-14
Haenert, ThomasGIZ Office Namibia06-04  Presenter
Haer, RoosLeiden University, The Netherlands11-02
Haeusler, ThomasGAF AG, Germany08-03  Presenter
Hague, EmmaEquitable Origin, United States of America14-04
Haile, KaleabUNU-MERIT, The NetherlandsPoster Board 02-05  Presenter
Hailemariam, Sisay NuneWorld Bank, Ethiopia09-04  Presenter
Hailu, ZerfuNIRAS01-12, 01-13
Haingonavalona, DanielleMinistry in charge of Land Affairs, Madagascar;
Ministry of Land Management and Land Tenure, Madagascar
04-01  Presenter, 09-10  Presenter
Halimi, KapllanMAFRD - Kosovo Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development01-10
Hamamura, CaioIFSP07-11
Hamilton, EllenWorld Bank, United States of America02-02  Presenter
Haque, TajamulNITI Aayog, IndiaPoster Board 01-12
Harris, DavidDAI EuropePoster Board 01-06
Hartanto Widjarnarso, TonyWorld Bank, Indonesia07-08, 13-03
Hartvigsen, MortenFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Hungary01-10  Presenter
Haryanto, ArisGeospatial Information Agency (BIG) of the Government of Republic of Indonesia02-06
Hasan, TazeenWorld Bank Group, United States of America02-04
Havugimana, Jean BaptisteEast African Community - EAC14-06
Hawkes, ShonaOxfam International, Australia09-12  Presenter
Hayward, DanielRegional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development, Thailand08-06
Healy, ChristinaRights and Resources Initiative, United States of America07-12, 09-12  Presenter
Heidenrich, TashaLandesa, United States of America11-08
Heikkila, EricUniversity of Southern California, United States of AmericaPoster Board 02-05  Presenter
Hendriks, Sheryl LUniversity of Pretoria03-12
Hermanson, JudithIHC Global, United States of America07-04  Presenter
Hershaw, EvaInternational Land Coalition01-06
Hertzler, DouglasActionAid USA, United States of America01-05
Herzfeld, ThomasLeibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Germany05-14
Hett, CorneliaUniversity of Bern, Lao PDR08-06
Heuser, SilkeThe World Bank, United States of America09-02  Presenter
Hewakopara, Rasangi HimeshaMinistry of Lands & Parliamentary Reforms, Sri LankaPoster Board 01-12  Presenter
Hewlitt, ChristopherUniversity of Maryland, College Park, United States of America06-09
Hidalgo, Alejandra BravoMinistry of National Assets, Chile00-10  Presenter, 00-13  Presenter
Hill, RuthWorld Bank, United States of America02-13
Ho, SereneKU Leuven, Belgium;
RMIT University, Australia;
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
10-09, 13-04
Ho, SereneThe University of Melbourne, Australia08-01  Presenter, 11-06
Hoa Thi Mong Pham, HoaWorld Bank, United States of America02-13
Hochet, PeterInstitute for Social Research in Africa, Burkina Faso02-12
Hodgson, StephenSPRL KH & Associates, Belgium11-05  Presenter
Hoek-Smit, MarjaUniversity of Pennsylvania, United States of America05-05
Hoenow, Nils ChristianUniversity of Marburg, Germany04-13  Presenter
Holden, Stein TerjeNorwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway03-05
Houngbedji, KennethAgence Française de Développement, France10-08
Hsu, Shih-JungNational Chengchi University, Taiwan04-08, Poster Board 01-08  Presenter
Htun, KyawThe PLAN: Public Legal Aid Network, Myanmar;
Emerald Sea Group
Hu, BixiaHuazhong University of Science and Technology, People's Republic of ChinaPoster Board 01-15  Presenter
Huber, SilviaDHI GRAS, DenmarkPoster Board 02-07
Huber, ThorstenGIZ, Uganda;
Responsible Land Policy in Uganda (RELAPU), GIZ
01-13, 01-13
Huertas, RosaValladolid City Council, Spain11-05
Huff, EmilyMichigan State University, United States of America04-13
Hughes, AileyLandesa, United States of America11-08
Hughes, SarahMathematica Policy Research, United States of America09-08  Presenter
Huntington, HeatherThe Cloudburst Group, United States of America02-05
Huo, XuexiNorthwest A&F University, People's Republic of ChinaPoster Board 01-16, Poster Board 01-02, Poster Board 02-10
Hussein, AbduAddis Ababa University, Ethiopia10-04  Presenter
Hyle, MaijaNIRAS, Ethiopia01-13  Presenter
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