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O'Sullivan, MichaelEvaluating impacts of tenure interventions
Oberlack, ChristophCan large farms attract local growth?
Obradovic, ZeljkoLand administration: Cases from Eastern Europe
Ochoa-Sosa, RicardoPoster Board 01-16
Improving housing delivery
Urban Planning Tools: Suitability and Urban Performance. How spatial data is helping cities in making evidence-driven decisions
Ochong, RebeccaBottom-up approaches: A key to land use planning
Harnessing the scope for incremental tenure upgrading  Presenter
Odele, MoeDealing with the impacts of failed land acquisition  Presenter
Odhiambo, MichaelUsing data systems to increase accountability
Oduor, CarolineLand administration and changing gender norms
Odur, BettyRecognizing indigenous rights
Oduwole, AyodelePoster Board 02-14  Presenter
Oduwole, FolukePoster Board 02-14
Oettle, LaurelRedistributive land reform in the 21st century  Presenter
Offei Akrofi, EmmanuelData to determine compensation for land acquisition
Ogden, Donald BrysonEnforcing adherence to standards for large land-based investment  Presenter
How can large investors be held accountable?
Ogunniyi, AdebayoImproving access to land for the youth
Ojoyi, MercyPoster Board 01-13  Presenter
Okai, MichaelResolving dispute over land
Resolving dispute over land
Okai, MichealTackling land corruption risks to achieve the SDGs.
Okalany, Dorcas WagimaRound table: Innovative land policies for sustainable development  Presenter
Okedi, JoanitaRecognizing indigenous rights  Presenter
Okonkwor, Jude EjikePoster Board 01-16
Oliveira, Gustavo Henrique deApproaches towards sustainable land use management
Oluoch, JessicaPoster Board 01-07  Presenter
Omolabi, AbimbolaPoster Board 01-16  Presenter
Omondi, TeresaLand administration and changing gender norms
Omullo, LeonardNational Land Policy Documents: Potential & Challenges  Presenter
Oo, Thyn ZarPlanning land use to attract investment  Presenter
Oosterbroek, Ernst PeterPoster Board 02-09  Presenter
Fit for purpose land administration
Opiyo, CharlesEnabling voices, demanding rights: A guide to gender-sensitive community engagement in large-scale land-based investment in agriculture  Presenter
Opoku, PatrickManaging public land for the common good  Presenter
Oput, John RichardLand administration: Cases from Africa  Presenter
Land administration: Cases from Africa  Presenter
Orochi, FredaRecognizing indigenous rights
Ortiz, AlvaroPoster Board 02-09
Osei, RobertDemand for and impacts of land tenure regularization
Osei-Akoto, IsaacDemand for and impacts of land tenure regularization
Osei-Tutu, DerekPoster Board 01-11
Oshriyeh, JafarPoster Board 01-15  Presenter
Othon de Souza, ElizabethPoster Board 01-07  Presenter
Otieno, David JakindaPoster Board 01-02
Poster Board 02-10
Land tenure for sustainable rangeland management
Recognizing indigenous rights
Otieno, HopeRecognizing women's rights over common resources  Presenter
Ouachaou, TarikLand administration: Cases from Africa
Ouattara, Fako BrunoImplementing REDD in practice
Implementing REDD in practice
Ouedraogo, Hubert Marie GerardNew ways of registering customary land  Presenter
Ouma, SmithRegulations for urban planning  Presenter
Oumar, SyllaBeyond joint titling: Making land institutions gender-sensitive
Ovdii, MariaImplementing NSDI: From guidelines to practice  Presenter
Owen, Robert MRemote sensing and automation for property tax assessment
Oz, Mert YasinAre PPPs the future of land administration?