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Session Overview
02-08: Remote sensing and automation for property tax assessment
Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Amy Rasmussen, International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America
Location: MC 8-100

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ID: 292 / 02-08: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Institutional innovation and private sector participation,
Keywords: land information systems, Land & Property Tax, innovation, local government, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Municipalities

Supporting local government administrations through public private partnerships (PPP).

Gasant Jacobs1, Abdelwahab Zramdini2

1Cotecna Inspection SA, United Arab Emirates; 2Cotecna Inspection SA, Geneva


ID: 299 / 02-08: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Data integration & interoperability for public service provision
Keywords: land characteristics, survey, spatial, information

Land characteristics survey in Korea, utilizing spatial information

Jinho Choi, Nana Lee

Korea Appraisal Board, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)


ID: 719 / 02-08: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: urban change, satellite, Senegal, property, Cost-effectiveness Analysis

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a satellite–based approach to maintaining a property database

Graham Deane, Robert M Owen

Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom


ID: 812 / 02-08: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: Property Taxation, Valuation, Points Based Method

The points-based method: simplification of valuation processes for property tax purposes

Asaah Nyah Zebong, Wilson Prichard, Paul Fish

International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD), Cameroon

02-08-Nyah Zebong-812_ppt.ppt