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Session Overview
03-05: Land price determinants
Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Dieter von Fintel, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Location: MC 5-100

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ID: 342 / 03-05: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: real estate transaction management system, housing price, tax base of transfer income tax, Interrupted time series analysis, real-time transaction price posting system

Does the Real Estate Trading Management System (RTMS) affect housing price and tax base?: Evidence from Korea

Yukyung Kim

Korea Development Institute, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

ID: 358 / 03-05: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Land markets and structural transformation
Keywords: Job accessibility: urban poverty: slums: urban planning: housing

Spatial distributions of job accessibility, housing rents, and poverty in Nairobi, Kenya

Shohei Nakamura, Paolo Avner

World Bank, United States of America

ID: 390 / 03-05: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy and political economy
Keywords: monopoly, land supply, entrepreneurship, housing cycle, urban China

Monopolist land supply, housing cycle and entrepreneurship in urban China

Dan Wang

The Economist, China, People's Republic of

ID: 412 / 03-05: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Urban expansion, land use, land value capture, and housing
Keywords: Urban expansion, Farmland prices, von Th√ľnen theory, Hedonic Price Model, Malawi

Growth of cities and urban influence on agricultural land prices in Malawi

Sarah Ephrida Tione, Stein Terje Holden

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway