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Session Overview
03-02: New ways of measuring urban extent
Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Shlomo Angel, New York University, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121

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ID: 162 / 03-02: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: metro areas, urban definitions, agglomeration economies, Indonesia

Definition matters. Metropolitan areas and agglomeration economies in a large developing country

Maarten Bosker2, Jane Park1, Mark Roberts1

1World Bank, United States of America; 2Erasmus University Rotterdam


ID: 367 / 03-02: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Urban expansion, land use, land value capture, and housing
Keywords: densification, expansion, urban, population

Densification vs. expansion: recent findings for a global sample of cities

Shlomo Angel, Patrick Lamson-Hall

New York University, United States of America


ID: 438 / 03-02: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Urban expansion, land use, land value capture, and housing
Keywords: Global Urbanization, Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence, Settlemnt Growth

Accurately monitoring urbanization at global scale – the world settlement footprint

Mattia Marconcini1, Noel Gorelick2, Annekatrin Metz-Marconcini1, Thomas Esch1

1German Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany; 2Google Inc., USA


ID: 920 / 03-02: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Use of remote sensing and land use policy
Keywords: Urban expansion, remote sensing, cities, equity, sustainability

Characterizing and managing urban expansion for higher equity, productivity, and environmental quality in the global south

Anjali Mahendra1, Karen Seto2

1World Resources Institute, WRI, United States of America; 2Yale University, , United States of America