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Session Overview
13-08: Urban data collection tools and approaches
Friday, 29/Mar/2019:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: MC 7-860

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Urban data collection tools and approaches

Frank Pichel1, Shishir Ranjan Dash2, Tim Fella3, G. Mathivathanan4, Shikha Srivastava2

1Cadasta Foundation, United States of America; 2Tata Trusts, India; 3ESRI; 4Housing and Urban Development Department, Government of Odisha State, India

Join this masterclass to gain firsthand insights into how the project is managed and executed by Tata Trusts in partnership with Cadasta Foundation— a provider of land rights tools and services. Together, using Esri ArcGIS tools and software, the team has successfully surveyed 75,000 households (as of October 2018) to create an official data set of slum dwellings in Odisha. With representatives from Tata Trusts, Cadasta Foundation, and Esri, this masterclass will discuss how Cadasta’s Esri supported tools and technologies were used to collect, manage, and share the project’s cadastral data.