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Location: MC 13-121
Date: Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019
01-02: Strengthening land governance for sustainable growth in Ukraine
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Anthony A. Gaeta, The World Bank, United States of America



Increasing the transparency and decentralization in Ukrainian land relations

Liudmyla Shemelynets, Dmytro Makarenko

State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Ukraine

Roll-out of e-services and e-auctions - progress and challenges ahead

Denis Bashlyk

State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Ukraine

Towards a methodology for automatic cadastral error identification

Vladimir Popov

World Bank, Ukraine

World Bank support to help improve land governance in Ukraine

David Egiashvili, Sandra Broka, Klaus Deininger

World Bank, Ukraine

02-02: Spatial transformation to achieve green urban growth
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Ede Jorge Ijjasz-Vasquez, The World Bank, United States of America


Laura Tuck

World Bank, United States of America

Keynote: Urbanism and climate change – A holistic approach to climate change

Peter Calthorpe

Calthorpe Associates, United States of America

Report Launch

Xueman Wang

World Bank, United States of America


Khoo Teng Chye

Centre for Livable Cities of the Ministry of National Development, Singapore


Anu Ramaswami

University of Minnesota, United States of America


Wei Xu

Development Research Center of the State Council, China, People's Republic of


Ellen Hamilton

World Bank, United States of America

03-02: New ways of measuring urban extent
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Shlomo Angel, New York University, United States of America

Definition matters. Metropolitan areas and agglomeration economies in a large developing country

Maarten Bosker2, Jane Park1, Mark Roberts1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Erasmus University Rotterdam

Densification vs. expansion: recent findings for a global sample of cities

Shlomo Angel, Patrick Lamson-Hall

New York University, United States of America

Accurately monitoring urbanization at global scale – the world settlement footprint

Mattia Marconcini1, Noel Gorelick2, Annekatrin Metz-Marconcini1, Thomas Esch1

1: German Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany; 2: Google Inc., USA

Characterizing and managing urban expansion for higher equity, productivity, and environmental quality in the global south

Anjali Mahendra1, Karen Seto2

1: World Resources Institute, WRI, United States of America; 2: Yale University, , United States of America

04-02: Registry interoperability and data protection
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Nicolás Nogueroles, IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

Interoperability model for land registries (IMOLA) project in the European Union

Mihai Taus

Romanian Land Registry Association, Romania

The evolution of the Chilean land registry system: from the 19th century to the implementation of new technologies

Jose Luis Alberto Maldonado Croquevielle, Claudia Bahamondes Oyarzún

Conservador de Bienes Raíces de Santiago, Chile

Registry of True Owners according to the European Directives to fight money laundering

Alfonso Candau


The interconnection and interoperability between Business Registries in Europe

Maria Jose Magalhaes

Registrars of Portugal, Portugal

The interconnection between Land Registries in a Federal State such as Mexico

Maria Elena Garcia Flores

CINDER, Mexico

Transformative initiatives concerning the delivery of land title registration services in British Columbia

Carlos MacDonald

Director of Land Titles, British Columbia, Canada

Date: Wednesday, 27/Mar/2019
05-02: Implementing land readjustment
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Patrick Lamson-Hall, New York University Marron Institute, United States of America

Using land readjustment and FAR bonuses to create high-density development in fringe areas of fast growing cities

Jay Mittal

Auburn University, Auburn, AL, United States of America

Surrender and re-alienation of land in Johor, Malaysia: a planning tool and mechanism for sustainable property development

Rohani Azmi1, Suliman Suhailizan2, Hasbullah Mohd Halim2, Ariff Amirul Haffiz2, Sahid Mohd Shahrizan3, Suratman Robiah4, Samsudin Salfarina4

1: Johor State Secretary, Malaysia; 2: Johor Land and Mines Department, Malaysia; 3: Johor State Secretary Incorporation, Malaysia; 4: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Land Assembly through Land Pooling Scheme in Amaravati, Challenges and land value capture for greenfield city development

Ramamanohara Rao Vippagunta, Sastry Siva Rama Krishna Jyosyula, Sreedhar Cherukury, Sidharth Ganesh

Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA), India

Community-based feedback to improve land pooling for planned urbanization: a case study of Thimphu, Bhutan

Katie Farrin

Asian Development Bank, Philippines

06-02: Emerging technologies, data ownership & privacy
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Josephus van Erp, Maastricht University, Netherlands, The



Modern technology in land administration - a call for governance and structuring data in view of privatising land administration processes

Jacob Vos

Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster), Netherlands, The

The Emirates` (legal) framework and governance model for using emerging technologies in Land Administration

Khalifa Alsuwaidi, Mureed Mustapha

Dubai Land Department, United Arab Emirates

Digital assets & data to be published on a blockchain / What should we do (or not do) with the land administration data?

Jona Van Leeuwen

Union Internationale des Huissiers de Justice (UIHJ), Netherlands

The Irish challenges to be prepared for future Land Registry

Liz Pope

Property Registration Authority, Ireland

British Columbia's land titles: private, public or somewhere in-between?

Connie Fair, Carlos MacDonald

Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia, Canada

07-02: Farm size & productivity in Africa
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Keith Fuglie, USAID, United States of America

Revisiting the farm size-productivity relationship based on a relatively wide range of farm sizes: evidence from Kenya

Milu Muyanga, Thomas S. Jayne

Michigan State University, United States of America

Does mechanization reverse the farm-size productivity relationship? Evidence from Ethiopia

Daniel Ayalew Ali, Klaus Deininger, Sinafikeh Gemessa

World Bank, United States of America

Can large farm spillovers foster smallholders structural transformation? Evidence from Zambia

Daniel Ali1, Antony Chapoto2, Klaus Deininger1, Yuanyuan Yi1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: IAPRI

Does sample truncation affect assess the inverse farm size-productivity relationship? Evidence from Malawi

Klaus Deininger1, Fang Xia2, Daniel Ali1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China, People's Republic of

08-02: Strengthening professional ethics in the land sector
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Maurice Barbieri, CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland

Worldwide, Regional and local initiatives to regulate professional ethics

Curtis Sumner

National Society of Professional Surveyors, United States of America

Professional ethics under pressure, how to cope with technical developments

Maurice Barbieri

CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland

Ethics, from theory to practice

Jean-Yves Pirlot

CLGE (Comité de Liaison des Géomètres Européens), Belgium

Date: Thursday, 28/Mar/2019
09-02: Land tenure security and deforestation
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Michael Toman, World Bank, United States of America

Indigenous land rights and deforestation: evidence from the Brazilian Amazon

Silke Heuser, Ariel BenYishay, Daniel Runfula, Rachel Trichler

The World Bank, United States of America

The impacts of a land tenure clarification project on deforestation and forest degradation in Guatemala

Ana Reboredo Segovia1, Eric Bullock1, Leonardo Corral2, Christoph Nolte1

1: Boston University, United States of America; 2: Inter-American Development Bank, United States of America

10-02: How to achieve the SDG goals and global commitments on land?
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Clarissa Augustinus, Independent, Ireland

Global donor working group on land: what is the way forward?

Chris Penrose Buckley

DFID, United Kingdom


Mika-Petteri Törhönen

The World Bank, United States of America


Fridah Githuku

GROOTS Kenya, Kenya


Janak Raj Joshi

Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Nepal


Jolyne Sanjak

Tetratech, United States of America


Michael Taylor

International Land Coalition, Italy

Closing remarks

Peter Sidler

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Ethiopia

11-02: Political economy of tenure change
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Jonathan Conning, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY, United States of America

Market access, property rights and small-holder farming in colonial Southern Rhodesia

Tawanda Chingozha1, Dieter von Fintel1,2

1: Stellenbosch University, South Africa; 2: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), Bonn, Germany

The role of informal institutions in change: land reform in urban and peri-urban Ghana

Devanne Brookins

Harvard, United States of America

Customary institutions and customary land tenure: Regulating dualism to inhibit land-related conflicts?

Daniela Monika Behr1, Roos Haer2

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Leiden University, The Netherlands

The legacy of Mexican land and water in California

Gary Libecap1, Dean Lueck2, Julio Ramos-Pastrana2

1: University of California, Santa Barbara and NBER, United States of America; 2: Indiana University, United States of America

Date: Friday, 29/Mar/2019
Consultation DRC: Consultation: Lessons learned on preventing and addressing land-related conflict in East DRC
Location: MC 13-121

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