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Session Overview
02-09: Using cadastral information to value and govern natural capital
Tuesday, 26/Mar/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Randall Bluffstone, Portland State University, United States of America
Location: MC 9-100

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ID: 414 / 02-09: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Land markets and structural transformation
Keywords: Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services, Innovation, Valuation, Evaluation

Valuing Natural Capital

Fiona Mannix

RICS, United Kingdom

ID: 638 / 02-09: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Commons and natural resource management
Keywords: Natural Resources, Mining Cadastre, Compliance, Stakeholders, Technology

Improving natural resource management for developing nations through the implementation of online mining cadastre solutions

Glenn Matthews

Trimble, South Africa

ID: 998 / 02-09: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Data integration & interoperability for public service provision
Keywords: rural properties, environmet, web services, map

Open Interactive Map Platform Infrastructure to support projects on local and regional scale.

Leandro Biondo, Bernardo Trovao, Rejane Mendes, Janaina Rocha

Brazilian Forest Service, Brazil

ID: 1138 / 02-09: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Global frameworks; indicators; progress monitoring, LGAF
Keywords: India, Forest, Restoration, Data, Framework

Restoration Opportunities Atlas of India - building information bridges for people, forests and landscapes

Marie Josephine Nishanthi Duraisami, Ruchika Singh

World Resources Institute India, India

ID: 437 / 02-09: 6
Individual Papers
Topics: Economic research and impact evaluation
Keywords: sustainable land management; systematic review; socio-economic impact;

The socio-economic impact of measures to avert or reverse land degradation in agriculture: a systematic review

Mandy Malan2, Ezra Berkhout1, Jan Duchoslav3, Maarten Voors2, Stefan Van Der Esch1, Willem Verhagen1

1PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands, The; 2Wageningen University, Netherlands, The; 3IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute, United States of America

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