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11-09: Promising initiatives to build capacity
Thursday, 28/Mar/2019:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Diane Dumashie, International Federation of Surveyors - FIG, United Kingdom
Location: MC 9-100

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Using a multi-lateral organisation to catalyse institutional innovation at global scale: Evidence from the work of the Global Land Tool Network partners

Clarissa Augustinus

Independent consultant, Ireland

UN-Habitat, a multi-lateral organization, facilitated the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) partners to develop pro poor land tools between 2006-2015 to fill the gap conventional land administration was not addressing. This paper describes for the first time the global institutional change model that was used to develop these tools. The conceptual framework is based on Checkland (1981) and Jackson (2003) soft systems thinking for operational research to address complex and wicked problems; Ortiz (2013) on soft systems thinking and capacity development; and Barry and Fourie (2002) and Augustinus and Barry (2006) who used the approach to analyze national land systems. UN-Habitat/GLTN targeted parts of the global land industry to catalyze change and address the tenure insecurity and land administration gaps of the poor. The change model was used for understanding socially unjust land tenure patterns and as a way to ameliorate problems through tool development for altering power relations.


An innovative experience of capacity building for land in Central Africa

Paul Tchawa

University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon

One of the major challenges facing land governance in Africa today is the inadequacy of the current knowledge production system in relation to the issues at stake.

In Central Africa a Center of Excellence supported by SELGA and ALPC has been created to coordinate the process of developing curricula on land governance.

The following hypothesis guide the project: a) graduates and trainees are ill-equipped to meet the needs and challenges of African land governance ‘industry’; b) African Higher Education Institutions have the potential to provide much of the training that countries need to achieve the objectives of controlling land for sustainable development.

This paper seeks to share an on-going experience supported by SELGA and ALPC on capacity building on land, laid on curricula development fed by the findings of different international initiatives among which LPI, LGAF and VGGT.

Importance of capacity building and training in the World Bank assisted projects - Case study of Serbia

Olivera Vasovic, Borko Draskovic, Dragan Pavlovic, Nada Teodosijevic

Republic Geodetic Authority, Serbia

Importance of capacity building in governmental institutions is recognized as a prerequisite not only for organizational, but also for infrastructural and social development. World Bank supports numerous projects worldwide. One of them is “Real Estate Management Project” in Serbia. Objective of the Real Estate Management Project is to improve efficiency, transparency, accessibility and reliability of Serbia’s real property management systems. One of subcomponents within the Project is D4 - Training. Aim of this subcomponent is to improve Republic Geodetic Authority’s operation in the long-term, influencing the work quality improvement, and to enhance the capacity of its staff. This paper describes undertaken training activities and institutional and governmental results achieved due to capacity building, as well as how they all together contribute to overall progress of Serbia as demonstrated by Serbia's improved ranking on the WB Doing Business list.


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