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Session Overview
05-01: Private sector roles in Latin America's land administration
Wednesday, 27/Mar/2019:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Ivonne Astrid Moreno Horta, WORLD BANK, Colombia
Location: Preston Auditorium

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Colombia: The private sector’s roles in land tenure formalization in post-conflict areas

Javier Perez-Burgos

Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, Colombia


Modernizing land information systems in Panama

Francisco Artola

Ministry of the presidency, Panama

Session Title: The Role of the Private Sector in the Modernization of Land Administration Services.

Before the creation of The National Land Administration Authority “ANATI”, Panama had the National Program for Land Administration, better known as “PRONAT created in 2001, whose purpose was the execution of regularization and massive titling projects.

With Law 59 of October 8, 2010, The National Land Administration Authority is created, subrogating the functions of “PRONAT”.

ANATI, by Law 22 of 2006 regarding Public Contracts of Panama, carries out contracts for cadastral regularization and titling, broadening the radius of action, and seeking not only to know the predial situation, but also to issue property titles to that part of the population that did not have it and that was exposed to suffer social damage in the absence of legal security.

Honduras: improving registry and cadastral service delivery through public and private outsourcing

Roman Alvarez

Instituto de la Propiedad, Honduras


Contracting and direct implementation in systematic land formalization. 25 years of experience in Peru.

Victor Endo

Global Land Alliance, Peru

When is contracting out private firms for “systematic registration” preferable to direct implementation by government agencies? Is such outsourcing an appropriate solution for developing countries with limited capacities to manage contracts, monitor performance and quality, and to access the latest technology? The Peruvian urban and rural mass-scale titling programs over the past 25 years have transformed the property system of the country. Most of the titling activities were directly executed by governmental agencies with varied results. Only recently -after a large experience have been accumulated and there exist a local market of private professionals and companies- the first outsourcing experiences are being tried in an ongoing project. A balance of the experiences and conclusions will be presented.

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