Conference Agenda

Poster Board 02-10
Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018:

Location: MC Atrium


The REILA Project as a Model for successful Land Administration Capacity Building

Tommi Tenno1, Thomas Dubois1, Bernd Eversmann1, Tigistu Gebremeskel2

1NIRAS, Finland; 2Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia

Poster Board 02-10-Tenno-570_ppt.pdf

E-Learning For Land Management: Experiences From Two Learning Packages

Anna Schopf1, Matthias Baume1, Eva Dörfler1, Walter de Vries1, Uchendu Eugene Chigbu1, Danilo Antonio2

1Technical University Munich, Germany; 2Un-Habitat/GLTN, Kenya

Poster Board 02-10-Schopf-345_paper.pdf

IAAO Innovation and Leadership Training for the Development of Successful Property Tax Systems

Dorothy Jacks, Margie Cusack, Paul Bidanset

International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America

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