Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Location: MC 8-100
Date: Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018
01-08: Challenges of Urban Expansion
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Patrick Lamson-Hall, New York University Marron Institute, United States of America

Transitions to land tenure rights based on the ‘living customary law’: innovations to secure land rights in peri-urban areas of sub-Saharan Africa

Emaculate Ingwani1, Simon Bekker2

1: University of Venda, South Africa; 2: Stellenbosch University

Institutional Framework and Access to Land in Peri-urban Tanzania: A Perspective from Actors

Said Nuhu

Ardhi University, Tanzania

Planning rural areas in an urbanized world: Critical issue for Colombia

Margarita María Varón Perea1, Javier Caropresse1, Andres Mejía1, Angela Penagos2

1: Colombia Rural, Colombia; 2: RIMISP, Colombia

02-08: Approaches to Land Delivery for Urban Expansion
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Sue Bannister, City Insight (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Market-led Initiatives To Land Tenure Security In Ghana: Contribution Of Gated Communities

Richmond Juvenile Ehwi, Peter Tyler, Nicky Morrison

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Impact and Effectiveness of Urban Planning on City Spatial Development – A Case of Tanzania Secondary Cities

Chyi-Yun Huang1, Ally Hassan Namangaya2, MaryGrace Weber1, Isabel D Cantada1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Ardhi University, Tanzania

Impact of Litigation on the Real Estate Market in Mumbai

Sahil Gandhi1, Vaidehi Tandel2, Alex Tabarrok3, Shamika Ravi4

1: Tata Institute of Social Sciences; 2: IDFC Institute; 3: George Mason University; 4: Brookings India and Member, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council

03-08: The Link Between Planning and Urban Expansion
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Luis Triveno, World Bank, United States of America

Enabling Market to Deliver Affordable Urban Land and Housing at Scale: What Can We Learn and Adapt from China to Ethiopia?

Yan Zhang1, Ambachew Mekonenn2, Abebe Zeluel2, Peter Ellis1, Abebaw Alemayehu1, Isabel Cantada1, Abuye Aneley2

1: World Bank; 2: The Ministry of Urban Development and Housing

Land Use Problems and Land Management: A Land Inventory Study in Istanbul

Nihat Enver Ulger1,3, Selcuk Aydemir2, Can Iban3, Hakan Akbulut2

1: Avrasya Land Management and Urban Regeneration Strategy Development Center, Istanbul - Turkey; 2: Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust, Turkey; 3: Okan University, Geomatics Engineering Department, Turkey

Spatial Planning Beyond Boundaries

Georg Jahnsen Jahnsen, Felix Knopf, Elke Matthaei, Abhishek Agarwal, Sumana Chatterjee, Tanaya Saha, Shriman Narayan

GIZ, India

04-08: Policy Options for Shaping City Form
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Michael Sutcliffe, City Insight (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Achieving Urban Spatial justice in South Africa: Context, Reality and the Integrated Urban Development Framework

Michael Sutcliffe, Sue Bannister

City Insight (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

The Concentration Dilemma: Urban-Rural Transition in Metropolitan Area of Chengdu Since Early 2000s

Ting Chen

Future Cities Laboratory, ETH Zurich

Changing rural to urban in extractive territories. Land administration comparing Argentina, Chile, and Peru

Analia Garcia

MIT, United States of America

Using Data in Urban Planning To Decongest The City Of Nairobi: Lessons From Other Cities

Patricia K. Mbote1, Ian K. Mbote2

1: University of Nairobi, Kenya; 2: Car Design Research Cambridge

Date: Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018
05-08: New Tools for Applied Land Valuation
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Steven Nystrom, FIG Commission 9, United States of America

Simplified Property Tax Appraisal For Effective Revenue Mobilisation

Peadar Davis1, McCord Michael1, Bidanset Paul2, McCord John1, Haran Martin1, McCluskey William3

1: Ulster University, United Kingdom; 2: International Association of Assessing Officers; 3: University of Pretoria

Achieving Fair Property Tax Valuations with Geospatial Modeling & International Valuation Standards: A Case Study of the Moldova Real Estate Market

Paul Bidanset1, Aanchal Anand2, Daniel Fasteen1, Olga Buzu3, Peadar Davis4, Margie Cusack1

1: International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America; 2: World Bank, Washington, D.C.; 3: Agency of Real Estate and Cadastre, Republic of Moldova; 4: Ulster University, Northern Ireland

Korea's Mass Assessment System of Land Pricing for Taxation, Using ICT

Mie Oak Chae, Inhyuk Kwon

Korea Appraisal Board, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Can The Principle Of Cost-Minimization Take Priority Over Securing The Reliability Of Tax Policy?

Su Yeon Jung

Jeju National University, Korea, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

The use of standard price points in mass appraisal of housing land. A case study

Risto Peltola, Pauliina Krigsholm, Mikko Korpela

National Land Survey, Finland

06-08: Land Records, Valuation and Property Taxes: The Link to Ownership
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: James Kavanagh, RICS, United Kingdom

Capturing Untapped Land Revenues: Lessons From African Cities

Priya Manwaring

International Growth Centre, United Kingdom

Satellite Image Analysis for Operational Maintenance of a Property Database for Dakar City

Graham Deane1, Tim Pattison1, Robert Owen1, Moustapha Ndiaye2

1: Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom; 2: New Africa Consulting, Senegal

National Valuation Management System: Towards Enhancing Interconnectivity In Land Governance Through Digitized Valuation Data From Origination, Organization To Transmission.

Monica Obongo, Victor Olonde, Nora Nyakora, Charles Ohawa, Byron Onditi

Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, Kenya

Improving Land Governance In Nigeria Through Efficient Valuation Mechanisms And Practices

Ayodele Elvis Oniemola1,2, Peter Olufemi Adeniyi1, Olurotimi Olugbuyi Onabanjo1,2


Rebuilding Property Tax Assessment Systems – The Case of Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Ruel Williamson, Clifford Lipscomb

Greenfield Advisors, Inc., United States of America

07-08: Instruments to Facilitate Land Value Capture
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Robert Lewis-Lettington, UN-HABITAT, Kenya

Supporting Fiscal Aspect of Land Administration through an LADM-based Valuation Information Model

Abdullah Kara1, Volkan Çağdaş1, Christiaan Lemmen2, Ümit Işıkdağ3, Peter van Oosterom4, Erik Stubkjær5

1: Yıldız Technical University, Department of Geomatic Engineering, Turkey; 2: Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, The Netherlands; 3: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey; 4: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department OTB, GIS Technology Section, The Netherlands; 5: Aalborg University, Department of Development and Planning, Denmark

Capturing Land Value Uplift to Deliver Infrastructure and Affordable Housing in a Market Economy - Recent UK Experience

Tony Mulhall

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom

Evaluating Value Capture Instruments

Richard Grover

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Land and Transport Policy Coordination: A proposed Recipe for Leveraging Land for Funding Infrastructure

Daniel Paez1, Gayatri Singh2

1: Universidad de los Andes, Colombia; 2: World Bank Group

08-08: Land Valuation to Improve Tax Collection: Case Studies
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Richard Grover, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

The Advantages of a Mixed System of Property Taxation

Benjamin Bervoets, Marco Kuijper, Ruud M. Kathmann

Netherlands Council for Real Estate Assessment, Netherlands, The

Innovative Approaches In Preparation For Mass Valuation In Serbia

Marija Rašković1, Borko Drašković1, Rumyana Tonchovska2, Richard Grover3, Petar Jovanov1

1: Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia, Serbia; 2: Food and Agriculture Organization of UN; 3: Oxford Brookes University, UK

Piloting Innovative Approaches to Valuing Commercial Property for Taxation Purposes: Occupier Assisted Valuations

Terence Fahey1, Aanchal Anand2

1: Valuation Office, Ireland; 2: World Bank, United States of America

Separate Land and Building Valuation Systems for Taxation?

Mika-Petteri Törhönen1, Kauko Viitanen2

1: The World Bank, United States of America; 2: Aalto University, Finland

Date: Thursday, 22/Mar/2018
09-08: Tenure Security and Low-Cost Housing Delivery
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Robin Rajack, Inter-American Development Bank, United States of America

Rethinking Property Regularization For Effective Informal Settlements Upgrading In Egypt: A Context - Specific Approach

Mohab Abdel Moneim Abdel Aziz Elrefaie1,2

1: GIZ, Egypt; 2: Department of Urban Planning, faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Land Title Application Rate and Uptake In Regularized Settlements in Tanzania

Moses Kusiluka1, Dorice Chiwambo2

1: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Tanzania; 2: Ardhi University

Facilitating The Creation Of Enabling Environments For Slum Upgrading And Affordable Housing - From Pilots To Programs in Monrovia, Liberia

Stephen Seidel

Habitat for Humanity International, United States of America

Informality in the Brazilian housing market: the case of the Metropolitan region of Campinas - SP (RMC)

Bastiaan Philip Reydon1, Gabriel Siqueira1, Vitor Bukvar Fernandes1, Robin Rajak2

1: UNICAMP, Brazil; 2: IDB

10-08: Land Administration as an Enabler for Local Government
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Pekka Ilmari Halme, National Land Survey of Finland, Finland

Land Administration in Ecuador; current situation and opportunities with adoption of fit-for-purpose land administration approach

Dimo Todorovski1, Rodolfo Salazar2, Ginella Jacome2, Antonio Bermeo3, Esteban Orellana4, Fátima Zambrano4, Andrea Paola Teran3, Raul Mejia5

1: Faculty ITC< University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2: University ESPE, Ecuador; 3: SIGITERRAS, Ecuador; 4: MIDUVI, Ecuador; 5: Consultant

The Future of the Cadastral in Honduras

Alain Paz Quesada, Roman Alvarez Mejia

Unidad Administradora de Proyectos del Instituto de la Propiedad, Honduras

Are Local Registers the Solution?

Richard Baldwin1, Clive English1, Christiaan Lemmen3, Ian Rose2, Andrew Smith1, Alexander Solovov1, Tressan Sullivan2

1: DAI Europe , United Kingdom; 2: DAI, United States; 3: Kadaster, Netherlands

11-08: Using Satellite Imagery for Urban Change Detection
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Ran Goldblatt, New Light Technologies, United States of America

Peering into Megacities from Space

Jon Kher Kaw1, Tomas Soukup2, Jan Kolomaznik2, Annie Bidgood1, Hyunji Lee1

1: The World Bank Group, United States of America; 2: GISAT

Identifying Urban Areas Combing Data from the Ground and Outer Space: An Application to India

Yue Li1, Virgilio Galdo2, Martin Rama3

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: World Bank, United States of America; 3: World Bank, United States of America

Earth Observati On For Urban Sustainable Development: Advancements For Supporting Land Use Planning In Urban Areas

Thomas Haeusler, Sharon Gomez, Fabian Enssle

GAF AG, Germany

Less Greenery For The Poor? _ Social Inequity And Green Space Distribution In Tropical Asian Megacities

Yun Hye Hwang, Ivan Kurniawan Nasution, Deepika Amonkar

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Date: Friday, 23/Mar/2018
12-08: Innovative Technologies for Property Valuation & Land Value Capture: concepts
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Andrew Coote, Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom

Innovative Techniques for Improving Valuation: Technology Concepts

Andrew Coote1, Kathrine Kelm2, Rumyana Tonchovska3

1: Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom; 2: World Bank; 3: Food and Agriculture Organisation

13-08: Innovative Technologies for Property Valuation & Land Value Capture: Use Cases
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: Andrew Coote, Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom

Innovative Techniques for Improving Valuation Models: Case Studies

Andrew Coote1, Tina Svan Colding2, Paul Bidanset3

1: Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom; 2: Ministry of Taxation, Denmark; 3: International Association of Assessing Officers

14-08: Developing a Human Rights Based Approach to Land Governance
Location: MC 8-100
Chair: M. Siraj Sait, University of East london, United Kingdom

How To Develop A Human Rights Based Approach To Land Governance And Land Related Project Management

M. Siraj Sait1, David Mitchell2, Jean du Plessis3

1: University of East London, United Kingdom; 2: RMIT, Australia; 3: UN-Habitat, Kenya