Conference Agenda

07-10: Streamlining Land Administration Procedures
Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: David Egiashvili, FAO, Italy
Location: MC 10-100

ID: 253 / 07-10: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Innovations for securing land and resource rights in customary settings
Keywords: Burundi, Uganda, DR Congo, Strategy, Cooperation

On Common Ground – Addressing Land Rights in the African Great Lakes Region

David Betge

ZOA, Netherlands, The


ID: 665 / 07-10: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Modernizing and financing land service delivery and organizations; role private sector
Keywords: Mozambique, legal reform, land markets, community land

Mozambique: Even a Progressive Land Law Needs Revision after a Generation of Experience

Ian Rose

DAI, United States of America


ID: 825 / 07-10: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Good, cheap, fast and equitable: requirements for moving from pilots to service delivery at scale
Keywords: land, administration, service, registry, study

Assessment of Land Administration Service Delivery In Three Selected States In Nigeria - Experiences From Ekiti, Kebbi and Niger States

Peter Olufemi Adeniyi1, Ayodele Elvis Oniemola1,2, Gbolahan Badru3

1Presidential Technical Committee on Land Reform, Nigeria; 2Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Nigeria; 3University of Lagos, Nigeria