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Session Overview
14-09: Smart Sketch Maps for the Documentation of Land using Hand Drawn Maps
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Malumbo Chipofya, University of Münster, Germany
Location: MC 9-100


Smart Sketch Maps: A Tool for Community-driven Land Documentation using Hand Drawn Maps

Malumbo Chipofya1, Cristhian Murcia1, Mina Karamesouti1, Sahib Jan1, Angela Schwering1, Carl Schultz2

1University of Münster, Germany; 2Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark

In this Master Class we will present new tools designed to support bottom-up land tenure, land rights, and land resource mapping using hand drawn maps. These tools which form part of a system called Smart Sketch Maps, SmartSkeMa (pronounced smärt skē-mə) in short, facilitate automatic and semi-automatic interpretation of free-hand sketches. SmartSkeMa is part of a suite of tools for land tenure recording being developed in the EU funded project its4land. By the end of the Master Class participants will have an appreciation for how SmartSkeMa can improve their current community mapping workflows or help them explore community mapping as a possible approach in their work.