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Session Overview
13-11: The Open Source Geospatial Land Administration Toolkit
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Santtu Pyykkönen, Gispo Ltd, Finland
Location: MC 4-100


The Open Source Geospatial Land Administration Toolkit

Santtu Pyykkönen, Pekka Sarkola, Sanna Jokela

Gispo Ltd, Finland

Gone are the days when there were no geospatial technologies that would be capable of handling our data or were too expensive to the organisations in the land administration sector. In this MasterClass we will discuss modern, affordable and scalable open source geospatial software for the land administration sector-specific needs.

As part of the major trends in IT, also the geospatial software based in open source has gone through a rapid evolution specially during the last decade providing well-equipped software for different use cases.

During the MasterClass we will showcase how to use the principal open source geospatial software for some of the main processes of a land administration expert:

- QGIS as Desktop GIS

- GeoServer as Geospatial server

- PostGIS as Spatial database