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Session Overview
14-06: A Toolkit for Screening Prospective Investors in Agriculture
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: William Speller, UNCTAD, Switzerland
Location: MC 6-100


A Toolkit For Screening Prospective Investors In Agriculture

William Speller1, Asuka Okumura2, Hafiz Mirza3, Christopher Brett2, Duncan Pringle2

1UNCTAD, Switzerland; 2World Bank, Washington DC; 3University of Reading, UK

UNCTAD-World Bank research, and other work, shows that agricultural investments vary greatly in the extent to which they generate benefits or impose risks on host countries and affected communities. Screening and selection of prospective investments is a critical component of countries’ policy framework aimed at meeting the challenge of how to ensure that investments maximize the social, economic and environmental benefits, while minimizing the risks. This paper summarises existing available resources on how to screen agricultural investors. It calls on donors, international organisations, and civil society organisations to develop more. It provides a detailed toolkit that can be adapted to host countries’ individual circumstances.