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Session Overview
12-08: Innovative Technologies for Property Valuation & Land Value Capture: concepts
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
9:00am - 10:30am

Session Chair: Andrew Coote, Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom
Location: MC 8-100


Innovative Techniques for Improving Valuation: Technology Concepts

Andrew Coote1, Kathrine Kelm2, Rumyana Tonchovska3

1Consultingwhere Ltd, United Kingdom; 2World Bank; 3Food and Agriculture Organisation

Technological advances are facilitating the creation of improved valuation models.

New aerial systems which combine oblique and vertical imagery to produce high resolution city models are already being used in some developed countries, whilst Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) are being deployed in some developing nations to great effect. The technology for processing such data sources and integration with existing data is also developing very rapidly.

They offer significant potential benefits to developing countries such as those in Africa.

This class will discuss the technological basis of these techniques, the current state of the art and the future potential through case study presentations, followed by a panel discussion where the speakers will discuss applicability of these techniques to developing countries, with particular emphasis on African cities.