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Session Overview
13-02: Land in the SDG and the Human Rights Sphere: Links and Opportunities
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Katia Araujo, Landesa, United States of America
Location: MC C1-200


Human Rights Norms and SDG: Links and Opportunities

Katia Araujo, Beth Roberts

Landesa, United States of America

This Master Class is targeted to civil society practitioners, government officials who may be tasked with or involved in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation or reporting for human rights treaty monitoring bodies, and development partners or private sector actors looking for innovative approaches and large-scale and cross-movement impact. Developments on land rights in the human rights realm and the inclusion of land indicators in the SDGs framework create an interdependent cycle of incentives, implementation, and enforcement that implicates both movements. The development of land as a human right includes both existing standards and opportunities that complement efforts to strengthen land rights via SDGs implementation. The numerous links between these two realms create an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration between civil society, governments, and development partners that can multiply successes for land rights from both human rights and development perspectives.