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Session Overview
08-02: Surveyors in Today's World: a Round Table
Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018:
3:45pm - 5:15pm

Session Chair: Maurice Barbieri, CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland
Location: MC 13-121


Role of Surveyor in Implementing a Sustainable Fit- For-Purpose Land Administration

Nicolas Smith

Comité de Liaison des Géomètres Européens (CLGE), Belgium

As land professionals, we believe that the idea of making "fast and cheap" lacks sustainability. To implement a Sustainable Fit- For-Purpose land administration, it is important to call-in specialists who have mastered the subject and who can demonstrate the effectiveness of the systems recommended by their experience. On this condition, participatory methods are quite conceivable and even desirable. Indeed, local owners are best placed to indicate the supposed position of their parcel boundaries

Is There A Need for Reviewing Surveying Standards?

James Kavanagh

RICS, United Kingdom

The surveying standards are developed to ensure minimum requirements to secure legal rights and enable efficient and secure transfer and transaction of land and property rights. Land is an emotive and highly political issue that needs strong governance and an enforceable legal framework to inspire public and investor confidence. Our engagement in reviewing surveying standards is a way to ensure that technological, professional and practice changes are reflected within our legal system and for the benefit of the public.


Professionalizing the Sector: What Role for Professional Ethics and A Code of Conduct

Jean-Yves Pirlot

CLGE (Comité de Liaison des Géomètres Européens), Belgium

The role of professional ethics is to promote and strengthen the ethical conduct of real estate practitioners for the benefit of clients, third parties and current and future stakeholders. Introducing and respecting a broadly accepted code of conduct is the best way to keep professionalism by self-regulation.

New Ways for Training of Surveyors

Vladimir Krupa

CLGE, Croatia

The Bologna system has replaced the old university studies with a lot of optional and only a few obligatory matters. This makes the path to the profession of surveyor unclear. CPD, especially made through MOOCS are a good way to harmonize the knowledge end to ensure a minimal level to our professionals.

Tomorrow’s Surveyors : Will New Data and Technologies Change the Demand for Surveyor Services

Maurice Barbieri

CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland

In the last 50 years, technology has driven societal changes that make us evolve. Our profession has to increase the adaptation speed and we are asked to act more and more as engineers, to show that our capacity to adapt is our most important quality.