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Session Overview
00-03: Using land use data to predict differences in poverty: New evidence and implications for policy
Monday, 19/Mar/2018:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Roy Van der Weide, The World Bank, United States of America
Location: Preston Auditorium


Using spatial data to generate small area estimates of poverty and population: Initial lessons

David Locke Newhouse

The World Bank, United States of America

to be filleed

00-03-Locke Newhouse-1203_paper.pdf
00-03-Locke Newhouse-1203_ppt.ppt

Generating a Global Map of Sub-national Poverty Estimates

Joao Pedro Wagner De Azevedo

The World Bank, United States of America

to be filled

00-03-Wagner De Azevedo-1204_ppt.pptx